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You leaving by yourself,
And seeing someone leaves are the same,
I once believed,
Because all of my life,
I've been the one to leave,
Leave someone behind,
But now when a gloomy cloud of a departure,
Looms over my life,
And when it's me who is left,
To watch the departure this time,
It hits different,
Different because it's the same,
Sans the one who left
He was the greeny earth,
To my dreamy sky,
That seemed never uniting,
Till the time dies,
But we built our paradise,
In the horizon,
With so much patience and love that,
Even if a storm breaks out,
Even if we were ripped apart,
We'd find our way back in a heartbeat,
To the warmth of our little paradise
Still, I'm in the eyewall,
Still fighting,
All the turbulence of harsh winds,
But, with every drop of strength left within,
I trek forward, step after step,
Hoping that one day,
I'll reach the eye of this storm
Note: In a storm, EYE  is a region of calm weather at the center whereas EYEWALL is the surrounding region with strong thunderstorms and severe weather.
Missing you,
is like my second nature now,
But on the day we meet again,
I know,
We will pick right from where we paused,
And will walk together our journey,
To the one I miss the most . . .
So, my words,
Could not reach your heart,
Maybe then,
My silence would
When time slows down its pace,
When sleep comes to all in daze,
When night brings the quietest phase,
I will be breathing after the long chase

Maybe it was a day of losses,
That only drained my soul to the core,
Maybe it was a day of praises,
That I want to relive more and more

No Matter if it's to regret or relive,
This night too will crawl to next dawn,
No matter if I'm thrilled or threatened,
This night too will ease all woes
This is the stream of thoughts of my night time during which I heal, strengthen and boost my energy for the next day

— The End —