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Jessica S Apr 11
You ripped my heart apart
like it's the easiest thing to do
Left me in pieces, so peaceful
as if you did not care at all
With every breath I take
loneliness spreads through my veins
like it's poison, trying to **** me
And you?
You kiss other girls,
pretend that hole in your heart doesn't exist
You try to fill the empty space
that your empty promises caused
You tell your friends you're fine
and laugh when they ask if you're thinking about me
But late at night,
when nobody sees,
You look at the pictures of me
saved on your phone
So why do you act so victorious
when obviously we both
Jessica S Apr 2019
Sometimes you have that moment
that one moment
when you walk to your boring job
or to the school that stresses you out
or to the boyfriend that treats you
like you are not that beautiful as that wonderful flower
you see on the ground.
it's the first one this year,
isn't it?
Maybe the flowers started blooming a while ago
but you did not pay enough attention
to actually notice
And in that one, special, hideous moment
you realize that everything in your environment is changing
For a second, just a small, tiny, short baby second
it feels like a new beginning
but then you keep moving, keep walking
to your job, school or boyfriend
and everything stays the same
tragic, isn't it?
Jessica S Jan 2019
Feeling empty
and worthless
and meaningless
and alone
how can I make it stop
I need to make it stop
it hurts
I feel like
i am burning
will it ever stop
please tell me
that someday it will stop
because if not
I need to make it stop
Jessica S Nov 2018
Every sip I take
Every bad choice I make
Nothing makes me forget
That every single time
I break
Jessica S Aug 2018
Sometimes when I look in the mirror
I see nothing but a shattered soul
pieces are missing
and I am searching
and searching
and searching
but I can't find them
What if I am never going to find them?
What if I am never going to be complete?
Jessica S Jun 2018
Every single time
that you look in my eyes
I turn away,
look to the ground
or to the infinite sky
because I am afraid,
so afraid,
that my eyes will reveal
the way I truly feel about you
Jessica S May 2018
I am not a bad girl
I will not hurt you on purpose
or play hard to get
I will smile when you smile
and cry when you cry
Maybe I am not as fun as she is
But I love you
I truly love you
And i hope this is enough
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