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Jessica S Aug 2020
you can touch all these bodys
and kiss all these lips
but baby
nothing will distract your heart
from missing me;
they're not me
and they will never be.
you hear my name
and your heart skips a beat.
you see a new picture of me
and you swear you can't breathe.
baby, do you still feel my kisses,
my hands and my heat?
Jessica S Aug 2020
baby tell me
when you look into her eyes..
do you find the same love
that you found in mine?
when you run your fingers
down her spine..
do you tell her
what you told me?
do her kisses taste
like mine
or does she also make you cry?
and baby tell me one more thing..
are you really successful
when you try to replace me?
or do you still hear my voice
inside your head?
do you still look for me
in a crowded room?
do you still punch the wall
because you let me go?
Jessica S Jul 2020
You can drink one bottle of *****
just by yourself.
You can get so drunk
that you don't remember your own name
but you will never forget their voice
and the way it felt
when you were laying in their arms.
You will forget everything
but the person you love.
You will forget everything
but the person you lost.
Jessica S Jun 2020
I am sorry
About us
About everything that’s changed
We were so much
But yet not enough
Jessica S Jun 2020
The memories of you are haunting me
like a wild animal
wanting to rip me apart.
It's the middle of the night
and I am trying to find something on my phone
that reminds me of you,
that reminds me of you caring for me,
wanting me,
loving me
but I can't find anything
because I deleted every conversation
every picture
just as you did with me
Jessica S Jun 2020
I may be crying in the middle of the night,
Thinking of you every day,
loving you with every inch
of my aching body
but never ever
will I come back
and let you hurt me again.
not now
not ever
Jessica S Apr 2020
You ripped my heart apart
like it's the easiest thing to do
Left me in pieces, so peaceful
as if you did not care at all
With every breath I take
loneliness spreads through my veins
like it's poison, trying to **** me
And you?
You kiss other girls,
pretend that hole in your heart doesn't exist
You try to fill the empty space
that your empty promises caused
You tell your friends you're fine
and laugh when they ask if you're thinking about me
But late at night,
when nobody sees,
You look at the pictures of me
saved on your phone
So why do you act so victorious
when obviously we both
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