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Uuntrix May 2020
In life, we have unpredictable starts
And we step forward.
I know how lucky we are.
We have unpredictable ends
And we step forward anyway.
I know how miserable it is.

Sometimes I wonder if it is my
new comfort or addiction

But this smile..
this is a real smile from my heart.
Uuntrix May 2020
She who overthought
Killed herself emotionally.
Pain inside hurts more, they say.
Overthought, overexpected, overloved
She was lost in this world

Now she is living wild
like a Free Spirit.
Stars in her eyes
The Moon is jealous of her.
Uuntrix Aug 2019
If you cannot let go of your past, you won't be able to embrace the future. I wrote this one for a boy whom I used to like a lot.

May you live for another 70 years
like your grandmother
May you influence young people,
inspiring them to follow their dreams
May you help thousands of people,
making them happy
May you eat all those Indonesian food
you like most
May you see a sky with five billion stars with
someone you love (someone is not me)
like your friend who visited Greece
May you get wrinkled, inked and loved.

I will keep you in my heart.

Uuntrix Jun 2019
My dear girls and boys,

Use my eyes as your mirror
See yourself like I do,
Kind, caring and courageous.

Tumble down the impenetrable wall you have built
around your feelings and emotions
Leave all the dark shadows behind in a Tokyo skyscraper
Fill your heart with tenderness and amusement
Feel the summer sun warm on your shoulders
Become your happiness
Become your hero.

As days go by,
You will smile more frequently and
Laugh more freely
Sparks will flash in your eyes and heart, and will say
‘This is going to be amazing’

It is you being you, after all.


Uun B.
Uuntrix May 2019
The thunder and rain roared.
"Beautiful day", he said.
I though I might believe anything he said.
Uuntrix May 2019
He was holding my favorite flowers, Asters,
Yellow for happiness, Red for faith, Orange for love.
His hazel eyes were shining,
His smile came slowly.
He was the person I knew by heart,
The one person I’d been made for.

We stood there for a few more precious moments.
Everything was passing, yet eternal.

Is this real?

Uun B.
Uuntrix May 2019
I am a collector of experiences,
Experiencing everything in life
Free from any fear
I have built inside myself,
Free from the plague of self-doubt and judgement.

Through all of these experiences,
I have found the courage to confront my fears, and
To understand the story on how to be happy with my own journey.

The failures, the hard days, the heartbreaks,
The fears and the lies,
A skip of the heart beat and the silent tears,
Total success and a ton of fun,
Happiness, connection and adventure
Run deep inside my mind and my body
Like the lyrics of Frank Ocean.

--- Maybe, no one is right and no one is wrong ---

All I know is I am free and
That is all I need to be alive.

Cheers to all people who conquered their fears!

Uun B.
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