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Eva Sep 16
her tears on a fragile paper-
curling the corners of the wrinkled words...
instead of ink,
she'd use emotion.
Pouring it all on the thin lines
of what used to be her joy.
I wear an old shade of red.
My belly is a wrinkled
skin of fruit.
I am no longer a ripe peach,
not even a blossom.
That my daughter is.
Uuntrix Aug 2019
If you cannot let go of your past, you won't be able to embrace the future. I wrote this one for a boy whom I used to like a lot.

May you live for another 70 years
like your grandmother
May you influence young people,
inspiring them to follow their dreams
May you help thousands of people,
making them happy
May you eat all those Indonesian food
you like most
May you see a sky with five billion stars with
someone you love (someone is not me)
like your friend who visited Greece
May you get wrinkled, inked and loved.

I will keep you in my heart.

Eliana Moody May 2019
Sparks coursing through hallways
Lighting paths that dim fast-
A message on a wire
Bent out of shape.

When a piece of paper is folded
The lines don't disappear
Just because the paper
Is pressed flat again.

Like wrinkles in sheets
These wires can not be
Pressed flat
Into smooth lines.

How many times
Can a fragile thing drop
Before its sensitive parts
Knock loose?

Your electric brain is
Permanently wrinkled,
Eternally bent,
Yet it sparks on.

Let it light the hallways
Of a quiet house-
Messages not received
Through beautiful bends.
Stephen Starr Mar 2019
When is too late?
Does the sun rise warm
on the face of the blind?
Do the deaf hear
the longing in a resolved chord?
Is a ravaged memory
consumed by the absence of thought?
A body ripens until
it frightens the young.
Wrinkled hands once
caressed alert skin
spreading ecstasy
in wide arcs.
Who owns these finite moments
immersed in the infinite?
Swept into the union
of the ocean
time has forever
lost what is tardy.
Rockie Jun 2015
Here's to growing up,
To the young, the sad and the lonely,
Here's to growing up!
To the fairly old and wrinkled,
Here's to go growing up,
Where life is not so simple,
*Here's to growing up!

— The End —