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Mansi Apr 2020
I didn’t want to let it go
To be honest
I wanted it to work

But banging on a closed door
Only put splinters  
In my hands
WhiteWolf101 Feb 2019
She is December
as cold as winter
as hot as summer
she is love
she is all I remember
she is a splinter
in my heart
Give me a break, god
Tell me all the things that I haven’t done right
All the ways that I’ve been a sore sight

How am I a splinter in your side
I’m trying not to just deny

I’m trying hard to leave the questions
Let the roar of peace cancel them out
But I do find that on this mission
The things I see just take me out

I’m tired of having to peoce together
All the things that I’ve done wrong
And when I die, light as a feather
My heart will sing a cleared up song
I don’t believe in god but I’m using god as a device to convey what I’m feeling. What did you like about this poem?
Iska Dec 2018
Starring at the world
through a fractured freeze frame
Splintering my skin as I draw closer clawing to the faded paint only to end up on the other side
To a world as bland and gray as it was on the other side.
crystallaiz Oct 2017
jack-frost blue on snow white
circles of grey around midnight black
against the velvet night sky
the silent constellations
i fell
and fell
and fell

i bathed in your irises
but my feet couldn't reach the bottom
and when i tried to surface
the air was frigid
slicing my consciousness into ribbons
i took a breath
the chill seeped in
first it was my toes
then my legs
my stomach
my fingers
my arms
my chest

then you blinked
the ice fractured
and i
i shattered from the inside
i don't know. i had one of my moods again. haven't had one in a long time. it was not a good feeling.
Star BG Aug 2017
Like dark splinter in mind
my thoughts expand,
beating hard to release the veil of darkness.

Clouds surface behind eyes,
longing for sun.
Light knocks on door
as key of freedom is ready to be turned.

Membranes longing for clean blood
to penetrate consciousness vibrate.

New network of love fibers
his growing to
transmute cells decaying.

With breath,
splinter becomes dislodged
starting its movement to purge.

With grounding slow breath
determination, optimism
and drive for new beginnings

With awakening comes time
to align for freedom
as shard is lifted
to demand change.

Being Blinded to prison of limit
and slavery now disintegrates
to see greater purpose.

Time to move through the door
of awakening.
Time turn key with consciousness
with purpose

Lift your splinter to dry tears
releasing stronghold of society
for your visions to materialize.

Stop and empower self
to ride new waves
and take hold responsibly to
evict the remaining fragments

Begin a feeding tube of truth
inside love
respect, compassion, and abundance

Lead the way to realign
to set the society
to the dial of freedom
out of the matrex of control.

THAT is why you came.
inspired by matrex movie and a video escribes today!
Jojo Yoder Aug 2016
You broke me.
and you had me convinced
that the only way to piece me together
was by the glue
crafted by your empty compliments
and counterfeit love.

Where did i learn that you can heal a **** with a knife?

Probably where I learned that if something sounds true, it is.

The song named after you lulled me to a peaceful sleep.
My ears unfailingly grasped
the soothing rhythm,
the reassuring beat,
and the promising harmony;
but disregarded the ominous lyrics.
I shouldn't have been surprised when i woke,
******* by the rope of your unfulfilled promises,
silenced by duct tape with the words "I didn't want to hurt you" written across it in washable ink,
and with a gun I had given to you for your protection aimed at my head.

I wish you would just shoot me with that gun already
It would hurt less than waiting
But you wont
You keep me at the perfect distance
to where you're comfortable
and I'm falling apart.

At first it hurt like the waves.
the crashing, overbearing waves
that were shaped something like your lips
when you said you needed time.

But now it hurts like a splinter.
the kind that you don't realize you have
until you return home from the wooden playground
and the excitement-induced adrenaline fades
and you realize what seemed like harmless satisfaction
sneakily left you with a burdensome wound.

the kind of splinter that you try to remove
and realize it hurts less to just let it sit there.
even though everyone says that
"if you just get past the pain of removing it, you'll be completely relieved."
all you can feel is the pain of the extraction
so you decide to do nothing
and let the lesser pain stay.
takitak Dec 2015
He loved till his heart burst!
and all that remained—was a stubborn splinter

Planted too deep, it left him no choice
he endures the hurt,
as it reminds him of *her
Concept borrowed from As Told By Ginger's, "Splinter In my Heart" :)

Day 2- Who was the last person you texted? Write a five line poem to that person.
Kagami Apr 2015
A picture on the internet told me
That I should write every day
Because it would make me stronger.
It said to write even when I couldn't
But if I couldn't then how could I?
That’s the problem.

If I don’t write every day then I become weaker.
The weaker I become, the less I write.
How can I write to get stronger when
I am already too weak to write?

Its like throwing a bird without wings and expecting it to fly.
Each time it hits the ground it is closer to dying
But it can save itself if it can just fly.
But that's the problem!

The bird becomes more jaded every day it doesn't fly
And the more jaded he is, the less he wants to.
How could he possibly save himself
If he is already dying?

Its like slamming a door in a decaying home.
The hinges creak and the wood splinters,
It comes closer to falling apart with every motion
But the people who use it only use it for their own privacy.
That’s the problem.

That door creaks and splinters every time it is closed.
Keep closing it and there will be no more door,
Just an empty space in a wall,
Another hallway.
There is only one decaying home and only a certain number of doors,
Pretty soon they will all fall apart in your hands.
It sounds like a metaphor.
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