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CLARYT May 2018
I've tried under the bed,
and behing the old chair,
and that space no-one goes
right under the stairs,
i've tried hiding in bed,
and in all the spare rooms,
but there's no hiding out from
the sickening gloom,
when it starts to take hold,
it just swallows me up,
and my confidence leaves me
feeling like a new pup,
and my image distorts like
some twisted old tin,
and i fight and i try not
to let this thing in,
but it's bigger than me,
in so many bad ways,
and what starts out as hours
slowly turns into days,
they all melt into one,
and i barely exist but i
can't let this demon dish
out it's cruel twist, so i medicate
now and it goes for a while,
but i see in the mirror it's
horrid cruel smile,
ain't no hiding from this thing,
whatever it's called, but i'll
fight and i'll run and i'll hide
.......and i'll crawl

(c) 2018
Depression goes by so many names. the dark... the black dog..... dark cloud.... the demon..... i battle with it.... i HAVE depression.... but it DOES NOT have me... yet.. a work of fact
CLARYT Apr 2018
It seems a long long time i guess,
when using words like these,
as always and forever,
means, to me, eternity,

Not just for this life, or the last,
but infinate and more,
through time and space and other worlds,
there,s so much that,s in store,

I never use these words in jest,
or toss them scantilly,
as words used promptly without thought,
could cause a man to flee,

So when i say these words to you,
i,m not trying to be clever,
i,m simply saying "i love you",
for always, and forever.........

A work of fact
CLARYT Feb 2019
The most precious things in life,
Are usually the most fragile....

(C) 2019
CLARYT Sep 2018
The leaves are red and brown and rust,
The days are drawing in as well,
The colours of the sky do change,
And mighty rain clouds tend to swell.

When fluffy socks replace bare legs,
And cashmere sweaters reappear,
And loved one snuggling starts again,
Regrowing your hair, down to here.

The crackling embers on the fire,
The chick flick movies watched, again,
Hot chocolate, laced with something strong,
Comfort listening to the rain.

When bedtime starts to sound so good,
And spooning makes a welcome comeback,
Making love til way past noon,
And dried up twigs begin to crack.

The beauty that is Autumn time,
My favourite time of year,
Some people greet it with such gloom,
I greet it with much cheer.....
Being a witch, I just love the time when the season of the witch approaches, leading up to Samhain, the witches new year... All the beautiful colour changes and surreal purplisms in the sky, magickal
CLARYT Feb 2020
I am in awe of you,
In a constant state of wonderment,
Why me?,
How am I enough for you?,
I made the grade!,
You chose me,
I am yours,
All yours, forever,
I am in awe of you,
Don't ever let me go.

(C)  24/02/2020
CLARYT Feb 2020
They hound and they snap
Driving you over the edge
Yet they never stop

(C) 15/02/2020
TV presenter Caroline Flack took her own life today, amidst paparazzi relentlessness
CLARYT Jan 2020
The first,
Finding myself,
Discovering the nurture,
Realising the impatience,
Encountering the unconditional love,

The second,
Oh, the second,
Sheer bliss,
For a while,

The third,
Mastered it!,
Yeah, right,
No instruction manual,
Complexity in full swing....

(C)  13/01/2020
Parenthood, at its best.... And worst...
This could be applied to several facets in life, I guess
CLARYT Feb 2020
Kiss me there,
Like you would kiss my mouth,
Touch me there,
Like you would touch my heart,
Circle, back and forth,
Slow and rhythmic,
Hard and frantic,
Make it hurt so beautifully,
But make it soon,
I'm craving it, you, us

(C)  12/02/2020
CLARYT Oct 2019
I felt the warm touch
Of your breath on my skin
The goosebumps gave way to
Swollen wanton lust
We wrapped ourselves around each other
And gladly obeyed what nature desired from us
A loud noise stole me from my sleep
No! Just a dream.. Again.
Always, just a dream

(c) 6/11/2019
When one longs for that one true love, all one can do is dream
CLARYT Jan 2020
Dare I?,
Dare I think it?,
That he loves me?,
Is it really true?.......

(C) 2020
CLARYT May 2020
It's sublime!
The midnight back stroke,
The 3am kiss on the neck,
The 5am feeling of groin reunion,
That sweet, musky scent,
The scent of dawn love,
Raw, warm tingly dawn redemption,
The ***** relief from loves slumber,
When we get to indulge,
Sublime, my love,

(C)  26/05/2020
CLARYT May 2018
Hush! he approaches
Rush! here his coach is,
Try to silence all the fear your trembling poor heart makes,
Stop! or he'll see you,
Chop! that's what he'll do,
Dismemebering you bit by bit, a moment it will take,
Come! let me show you,
Run! this you must do,
Evade the cuts and thrusts from such a menacing sharp knife,
Look! keep your eyes peeled,
Shook! that's how you feel,
If he ensnares you trust me, he will bleed away your life,
Oops! i've deceived you,
Nice! how i've played you,
enticing you with urgency into my masters lair,
Tricked! how delightful,
Stripped! oh so frightful,
your gut spills forth its contents but your screams are never heard,
Spared! that's what i am,
You! sacraficed lamb,
I live another day while lord and master feeds on you,
Search! nightly i scour,
Creep! in the wee hours,
providing my lords food supply, or i will be killed too......
an attempt at some victorian horror, needs a few tweeks, i'll get round to it soon enough, any ideas? i'd be happy to listen
CLARYT Jan 2020
It lurks,
Like a cancer,
Over my shoulder,
That essence had a stab at it,
It failed,
It's my turn, let me be,
It's my turn,
I will succeed where It failed,
I promise to adore,
I swear to nurture,
The gift from the gods,
The gift, it failed to see......
I pray this gift remains with me,
But, it lurks, always, lurks....

(C) 08/01/2020
CLARYT Mar 2019
One day, he found a rose,
Of deepest velvet red,
He brought it home and nurtured it,
He laid it on his bed,

And every day he'd stroke,
And rub those petals so,
He'd smell the sweetest scent from it,
And hoped that it would grow,

But too transfixed in love,
And admiration matter,
He failed to give it what it craved,
Some sunlight and some water,

So, wilted it became,
And started to decay,
It lost its rosy velvet reds,
The edges turning grey,

His eye was off the ball,
Distracted he became,
He killed the thing that he loved most,
Trying to make it tame.........
Sometimes we need to let the ones we love just be who they are, or risk losing them for ever,(c)  2019
CLARYT Jun 2019
If only I had known back then,
That you were all hot air,
I would have run away and then,
Washed you out of my hair,

The love we had felt real to me,
You did a splendid job,
Your acting skills were so on point,
But now, you're just a ****,

The plans you made behind my back,
They've all become so clear,
The single pictures you would take,
And have done for a year,

Perhaps it's my fault, I don't know,
I should have seen the signs,
Deception from the one we love,
Just ******  with all our minds......

(c) 2019
Break up poetry for a while I'm afraid folks.....
CLARYT Oct 2019
How deep does this love go?,
I can't see the bottom,
How deep do your eyes delve?,
They pierce me forever,
How deep have I fallen?,
I'm still plunging.
(c) 05/11/2019
Love... Falling into it. Resistance is foolish
CLARYT Nov 2019
The gods and goddesses,
They gathered,
And decided,
That I am to be yours,
I thank them daily.

(C) 16/11/2019
CLARYT Feb 2020
How do I cope?,
Without you here,
Do I ****** a million words that have no association to you?,
Do I work my fingers to the bone until I'm too tired not to cope?,
Pistols at dawn with my own thought process,
Who will win?,
You.. You win.. Every time.
You always will

(C)  19/02/2020
CLARYT Oct 2019
I felt you kiss me,
But alas love,
It was just a dream.

(c) 6/11/2019
CLARYT Nov 2019
Distracted by the monotony of life,
I missed it when you drifted in,
Suddenly, you were there,
Causing my heart to flutter,
Offering me solace, shelter,
You hit me like a freight train,
Clean off my feet,
And now I'm enveloped by you,
Distracted by the monotony of life,
I missed it, when you drifted in............

(C) 04/11/2019
When love swoops in, taking us totally by surprise... That...
CLARYT Jun 2019
A cook, peels, skins and scoops out the inside of fruit, veg and whatever else he can carve up.
I never thought I'd be sympathising with food, in order to describe my current state....

(C) 2019
CLARYT May 2019
I lay there silent, beneath the soil,
A seed awaiting your sweet shower,
And in you came with moist and succour,
To shape my love into a flower...

(C) 2019
The first inclings of love are a splendid thing to witness, as I did, between a man and a woman. It was lovely
CLARYT May 2018
Upon first setting eyes on him,
she thought she'd found her mate,
his skin was white as driven snow,
with eyes as grey as slate,
his musky scent reminded her,
of funeral homes and coffins,
his icy touch sent shivers down her spine,
it was arousing,

Seduction followed shortly after dinner,
on this night,
he hovered over her sweet *******,
and killed the candlelight,
she felt his mouth caress her neck,
it bore a strange effect,
a tingle, then she felt a pop,
she felt he was *****,

A trickled stream of blood was licked,
away from her sweet breast,
a shock sent through her, climaxing,
before he let her rest,
she was entranced by his dark glare,
******* for her master,
a dreamlike state was all she felt,
time seemed to pass much faster,

He took her body countless times,
before he took her soul,
she groaned for him, he claimed her life,
while he held all control,
another ****** plucked away so savagely from life,
a predator eternal, hunts at night for a new wife.......
jjjust another horror practice,
CLARYT May 2019
Todays swelling black storm cloud,
Was a wispy tiny glimpse of fluff,
Only yesterday.....

(C) 16/05/2019
How quickly a not so great mood can accelerate..
CLARYT Feb 2020
I thought I felt you
Alas it was just a dream
Now I lie alone

(C) 2020
CLARYT Feb 2020
I will still love you
You dropped a building on me!
I will still love you

(C)  23/02/2020
CLARYT Feb 2020
I will still love you
You dropped a building on me
I will still love you

(C) 24/02/2020
CLARYT Mar 2020
When you hurt someone,
The whole world turns black and white
And rosy cheeks fade

(C)  01/03/3020
CLARYT Mar 2020
Take heed of the prize,
For all too often it flies,
Right before our eyes

(C)  02/03/2020
CLARYT Mar 2020
Hold tight my darling,
Because when we soar upwards,
Nothing can stop us.

(C)  03/03/2020
CLARYT Mar 2020
I should be the one,
When the night holds you captive
You should call to me

(C) 05/03/2020
CLARYT Mar 2020
It's all emerging
I've always known you were here
And now the mist clears

(C) 05/03/2020
CLARYT Feb 2020
My scars are ugly
But you see past all of that
Embracing them all

(C)  10/02/2020
CLARYT Apr 2020
Can I drink you in?
Will you swear it can happen?
Come and quench my thirst.

CLARYT Feb 2020
I think I hurt you
I did not mean to do that
Can you forgive me?

(C)  11/02/2020
CLARYT Feb 2020
When I scan your face,
Every inch makes me want more
I want all of you
CLARYT Feb 2020
I know I love you,
But the universe must not,
As you're still not here

CLARYT Feb 2020
I want you my love,
Why can't the universe see,
And let me have you?

(C)  14/02/2020
CLARYT Feb 2020
What lies before me?
I'm afraid to face the day,
So I roll over

(C)  19/02/2020
CLARYT Feb 2020
I'm missing a piece
There's a you shaped hole in me
I need it back please

(C) 20/02/2020
CLARYT Oct 2019
She sits at night spinning spells of love and luck,
Splashing over hair, then hiding under rocks,
Chanting affirmations over darkened mirror,
Making talisman with earthly blessings for the wearer,
Waxing moon, waning moon, full or half or crescent,
She will make it go away or teach someone a lesson,
Your deepest wish she'll grant, for that is the hat she does,
She draws upon the ocean tides without a hint of fuss,
But never will she use her power to hurt or mame or ****,
A hedge witch only beckons love, but not against your will,
An alter made from beauty, with the softest female touch,
And vestments worn with good intent, to bring to you so much,
Next time you see a hedge witch, tilt your head and say hello,
As she may help you out someday, and you would never know.

(C)  2019
CLARYT Oct 2019
If I seem broken on the inside,
It was him. Not you,

(C) 23/10/2019
Scars left by another, seen by the one who loves us now
CLARYT May 2018
Like a being frantically tapping away,
I want to hit the back button,
Bring back the day,
The day all seemed so fine,
Before i typed out the impending doom.....
(C) 2018
If only life had a "do over" button..... A work of fiction
CLARYT Nov 2019
I am but a simple soul,
Floating in this sphere,
But somehow all the gods around us,
Chose to bring you here,
I've never had a lot of friends,
And strived to do what's right,
But this feels like a golden fleece,
You've brought me back to life,
How come the gods chose me for this?,
I don't deserve it surely,
Your love envelops me so much,
You give it out so purely,
I thank them every single day,
For bringing you to me,
And pray you never leave my side,
How come, I'm lucky me?.......

(C) 2019
Being thankful for the love we receive from that someone miraculous,
CLARYT Jan 2020
There's a storm brewing,
A shift in air quality,
The prelude to a monsoon,
That hush before the deluge,
But this storm is not headed our way,
This storm, his one will bypass you and I my love,
For this reckoning is heading for those who wronged you,
A reckoning, not of your making, but for your benefit,
Yours and mine, let it be, leave it alone,
And let us begin our transition,
They will emerge unscathed, but told, informed.......

(C) 07/01/2020
Leaving behind a life which no longer serves us, emerging into a new, loving and nurturing life, with one that simply cannot function without the other.
CLARYT Mar 2019
The curtains twitch... in my street,
They pretend to be rich... in my street,
The gossips thrive... in my street,
But they’re barely alive... in my street,

The big cars come and go,
They all reap what they sow,
They pretend and they trick,
Atmosphere is so thick,
I’m the **** of their jokes,
And they pinch, and they poke,
But they fail to agree,
That I see what I see,
What I see, is the truth,
I will shout from the roof,
They can’t judge me at all,
For I’ve seen where they crawl,
but my lips they stay tight,
For there will come a night,
When they will see me see,
And they’ll understand me,

People talk... in my street,
People stalk... in my street,
A massive game... in my street,
We’re all the same... in my street..
I watch people a lot.. not in a creepy way, but I observe, and people love to gossip, and judge, but they forget, they are just the same as the rest of us, only, they, don’t SEE it!
(C) 29 /03/2019
CLARYT May 2019
I was walking along watching only the sky,
When I saw something out of the corner of my eye,
It was floating and dancing with a mind of its own,
And I wanted to catch it, and bring it on home,

It was whiter than snow and was fluffed like a cloud,
"Oh, look at that" I found myself saying, out loud,
I was told as a child, should we see such a thing,
It's our angels, sending a clip from their wings,

A reminder I'm told, Of our loved ones who've passed,
such a feeling it gave me, it was quite unsurpassed,
For to catch such a thing and to hold it with me,
Filled my heart with a glow, and my sorrows set free,

If you see a white feather, try to catch it and run,
Bring it home in your pocket, show it to everyone,
Tell them what it might mean, spread the love and the joy,
I hope mine was my mother, saying "hello, and enjoy"......

(C) 06/05/2019
White feathers are believed to be angels reminding us that were not alone, and little messages from our loved ones who have passed, saying hello..
CLARYT May 2019
There you are,
You pile of steaming hot crap,
I knew you were watching me,
And so I was on the lookout,

Why do you always turn up,
At the most inopportune time?,
Can't you see I'm busy?,
Can't you see I'm content?,

you sneak around leaving black sludge,
Shovelling despair and anguish into my bag,
Making it heavier as the minutes drift,
So heavy, I can't carry it much further,

I see you,I saw you and yet,
There's sweet FA I can do about it,
Other than crouch down and endure the deluge,
So bring it, let's have it,

Because, when you're done,
I may be broken, but alive,
I will be on my knees to be sure but,
I will always get up.. Always......

(C) 06/05/2019
Depression.. That ugly life sucker, is always lurking, sometimes it fools us into thinking we have a few days yet before the onset, then it pounce, like a lion on a gazelle.. We're helpless, we see it coming and we're helpless..
CLARYT May 2018
Wiccan pride
I am a witch, I do declare,
I’ve spent my nights in forest bare,
I spin my spells in candle light,
I bring your wishes, dressed in white,
I bring you luck, if you desire,
I call my corners, ascending higher,
I mix the oils, I blend the ash,
I do not want my pay in cash,
I’d rather have a favour made,
Or better still, my word you’ll spread,
So fear not me, and what I be,
If you need help, then contact me.....
CLARYT Mar 2018
The clock, it stole me from my sleep,
Alarm so loud ‘twould wake the dead,
I jumped, my consciousness would creep,
My palm outstretched upon my head,
So *******, as I realised at once,
No longer was I in my dreams,
My love and I, engaged in dance,
A perfect union, oh so it seemed,
While we’re apart, it’s all I have,
My dreams are there, to ease and soothe,
Why can’t I cut this time in half,
I only want to be with you..............

A work of fact...

(C) 2018

#love #missing #dreams
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