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 Jan 2018 Opal
I am BPD.
I am the demon that possesses your mind,
I am the ghost of all you want to leave behind.
I am the monster that will make you unstable,
The voice in your head making you suicidal.
I am your heart making your emotions intense,
I am your mind, muddled and making no sense.
I am your brain making you neurotic,
With the perfect balance of a handful of psychotic.
I am your self-esteem making you feel worthless,
I will make sure you feel that you have no purpose.
I am your impulsiveness making you act reckless;
Your need to harm yourself is becoming endless.
I am your soul feeling neglected,
You feel it very deeply because you need to be protected.
I am your extreme paranoia,
Making you live in a shell, I’m a merciless destroyer.
I am your fear of rejection, you will outburst at the slightest disaffection.
So, I am BPD and I will ruin your life,
I will cover you in scars made by the blade of a knife.
 Jan 2018 Opal
 Jan 2018 Opal
im a window
people can look right through me
and see beauty
or moonlight

but if you hit me too hard
i will crack
if you keep hurting me
ill shatter
and then i might hurt you

so please
be careful with me
i will crack very easily
and shatter
and be useless
i havent been feeling very positive lately

the poem is a metaphor for people with anxiety or bpd. you have to be careful with us, or we will shatter like glass.
 Oct 2017 Opal
Irene Poole
have you ever cried upside down?
felt the tears stream up your face
down with gravity
and into all the wrong places?

felt the droplets, cooling as they race away from their mirrored origin,
slide over furrowed brow
across forehead and temple to dampen the sliver-thin hairs—
the ones that glow when lit from behind
—and rest where skin meets strand?

you have not felt these things
how could you have?
your world is always right side up.
 Sep 2017 Opal
Bianca Reyes
my hands
        my heart

i remember a time when
    both my heart and hands
      knew what they were meant for

             a time before you came along
   and they made it their job to show
the love they could hold for you
                 my hands
                      my heart
Copyright under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
Blah blah blah
 Sep 2017 Opal
Bianca Reyes
 Sep 2017 Opal
Bianca Reyes
You break falls
With bodies
As keenly
As you break hearts
There's no other time
Like now for me
To burn mixtapes
In hopes that
I'll hear jagged
Whispered I love you's
Playing to the tune
Of my loneliness
Copyright under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
Blah blah blah
 Sep 2017 Opal
Mono Chrome World
"Hey" I’m still in pain

"Hi" I’m lost again

"Hello" I said to him that time yet I’m going across the line


"How are you?" I wanted to ask, but I didn’t know the answer if you would question it to me.

I would lie and say something cliché like "I'm fine" that’s how it should be

We wouldn't talk for some time when crowds would take us apart, I know deep down I'm slowly tearing apart

Although I would look in your direction trying to find your point of view, to know what you saw in her, and not what you see before you…

And as the day ends I would likely lift my head and grab my things, walking to the exit door the same way I walked in

Saying the words I wish I never meant, words I beg to differ, words I regret

A simple "goodbye" to end this heartbreak moment
"Farewell" I didn't make you mine
Next time I'll try again, hopefully you'll notice then
classroom problems
 Sep 2017 Opal
 Sep 2017 Opal
The diamonds,
Were once blackened coal,
The coal once plants,
That fed and thrived,
In an era long gone.
Now their energy,
Used of baubles,
and the burning of factories,
Burning away the long-dead plants,
Powering this human world.

 Sep 2017 Opal
love with bpd
 Sep 2017 Opal
I fell in love
not with you
but the way
you validated me
when you grew tired
and could not hold my sorrows
in your shaking hands
I felt nothing
I laid my worth on you
full forced and terribly
I loved you not
for who you were
but who you let me be
and I am sorry
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