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ink Apr 2018
Oh little deer, my dear
With those big doe eyes and disposition
Oh little deer, sheds a tear
For the gun just keeps firing at your legs

Why dont you run, my deer?
Youre frozen, crying at me with those doe eyes
Just try and run, little dear
Id love to see you ******* try

Dance for me, prance for me
Cause you know I love you so so much
Come here, my little deer
If a gun wont work, my hunting knife will

But its our game, little deer
I know wild animals wont get too close
For I still love you, my favorite dear
I still love you, my favorite deer
ink Sep 2016
you talked to me
you, you, y-you spoke to me through those times
you came to my side and refused to leave someone who seemed "as sick as i was"

when we- er, i- woke up that day- evening?, whatever- and saw that the blaring sun wasnt a dream,
the gulls still sung careless calls , the ocean fell and rose, and the sand on my wrists was warm;
it wasnt a dream. it wasnt.

and, hell. I was scared. Terrified, confused, whatever.
I mean, one second i'm outside and.. im hopeful
then i'm just.. then im just sitting there wallowing in my own despair, crying to myself about how disorienting and unsettling this whole situation was.

you gave me your hand.
y-yu-you gave me your hand
you reached out for me and refused to let me cry, you somehow knew that was for the best too

maybe you should have let me cry.
you said that i "...shouldn't feel worried about things [i] have no control over...".
That's a bit paradoxical inof itself.
isn't having no control over something what hopelessness is?
am i wrong?

though, as of now, that was a bit of a red flag.
i should have seen it sooner

you tried to **** him, you know.
you claim that you did it for...
for some stupid, crazy reason that nobody but you can ******* comprehend!

but, you didn't have to do this to yourself for that same reason.

you were lifeless.

you somehow... constantly, like, gave me some weird... white-black abomination of hope that- for, whatever reason,- you wrapped in despair.

did you think that that last trial would have given me the hope i needed?
did you think that you were helping me when you killed yourself?

I don't understand.

If it had only missed.

If.. If you weren't so **** lucky for your plan to've worked out the way it did.
If somehow that spear had just missed you,
if it had just.. if it'd just missed you.

then i'd be hopeful.

Hope is defined as: "a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen"; or "a feeling of trust".

Despair is defined as: "the complete loss or absence of hope"; "lose or be without hope".

...if only it had missed.
i'd be able to be hopeful again.
ink Apr 2016
what do you want?!
What Do YOU WANT??
Can you not see I'm busy?!
Can you not see I dont want you?!

(can you not see im in pain)
i havent uploaded in over a year
ink Apr 2015
the sun rises
and no matter how sad i am
seeing you every morning
makes it all okay

the sun sets
and I wish you were here
but i know that as long as i fall asleep with you on my mind
i will wake up happy

and the sun will rise again
ink Mar 2015
take me to the stars
forget all of life's scars
oh in space we will roam
and we'll finally be home
just hold my hand
we're more than a "one night stand"
because what we have is truly grand
ink Mar 2015
birds migrate
they fly from one place to another
but always come back
to the original

during that time
you and i met
so lets migrate
like the birds
to the land of joy

birds migrate
they fly from the new place to the old
rest in their true homes
while you and i slept
birb baby = bae
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