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They talk about a world without

But never before had I ever met such a
Pure soul
In the form of

Unbeknownst to me, you became the
I turned to seek.

This bitter misunderstanding that has lead me to the thinking I now have.

It has crumbled this positive outlook I use to forsee.

That is until you reached out to
Leading me away from all this misery with your

Allowing me to pass into your veil of

Your mere presence stilling my mind.
Dissipating my sense of

Quick to
Patient enough to let me Grow.

Never before had I met such a pure soul.

Nor did I realize.
Forsaking appreciation and the comfort of your solitude.

Never before...

Until I lost
Navahopi119 Jun 2018
The hour grows late.
The silence sets in.
The Night haunts me again once again.
Rest alludes me and sleep is but a
     broken dream.
Hope foolishly placed in a 'morrow
     that may not come.
Suffocating and broken it lays.
That which was once me.
For I am no longer, but what
     nightmare my fear feeds.
Navahopi119 Apr 2018
A never ending wave of chaos
A fit of giggles and laughs
Tempers lost and toys thrown
An endless playlist of Karaoke

These are my memories of us.
Memories that I'll hold dear,
Or memories I'll hold for leverage

A story of a lifetime
Full of embarrassment
And Love

My life
My love
My competition
My protection
My pride and inspiration

My family
Happy National Siblings Day
Navahopi119 Apr 2018
Have you ever just stopped
Stop to admire the stars
In the calm cool night
Just to appreciate.

Have you ever stopped
Stop to admire the flowers
On a warm sunny day
Just to appreciate

Have you ever stopped
Stop to admire the trees
During a mild fall breeze
Just to appreciate

Have you ever stopped
Stop to admire the mountains
During a brisk winter stroll
Just to appreciate

Well I have stopped
Stop to just admire the beauty
The beauty that is you
Forever appreciating
All that you are
And all that you do

So tell me
Have you ever stopped?
What beauty do you find in the world surrounding you?
Navahopi119 Mar 2018
It never ceases
To amaze
The worries to come,
Like a sort of frienzed craze
When comes the Day.

A day of new beginning,
Of a fresh new start.
Is it the eagerness
To make our mark
Or the fear of a broken heart?

Is it a voice of reason
Or whispers of doubt
For uncertainty we face
Do we fear what may come about
Or unwillingness and like children we pout?

Or rather do we feel
With no purpose we live.
Our reflection screaming Inadequate
Proving nothing of value left to give
Injuring ourselves with our makeshift shiv

No matter the reason
For you, my heart I lay
We'll face this together
Day by day
So let come what may
Navahopi119 Feb 2018
Sometimes I like to
Sit & Think
When all the world is
Quiet & Asleep.

Most times the voices are
Loud & Mean
But tonight the wind
Whispers & Fans.

Delighting to watch the Leaves
Play & Dance
Causing my soul to
Lift & Fly.

For once I am
Clear & Free
Without my despair to
Hold & Bound.

Allowing me to
Walk & Ponder
Looking back on all I've
Achieved & Conquered

For once I'm full of
Happiness & Glee
For Once I am

It seem like life is always filled with despair, so what an occasion it is to have those good days.
Navahopi119 Feb 2018
She said she wanted a Knight in shining armour
But what she doesn't realize.
All the Dents, Cuts, and Scratches
Are due to the effort I applied to better myself
Each Battle, Conflict, and Barrier
May have left their marks on me
And yet here I stand

The armour I wear may be
Grimy, Gritty, and Dull
But I wouldn't wish it any other way
Because that would mean
To erase all I worked for
And all that I strive to be.

She said she wanted a Knight in Shining armour
Lean, Clean, and Pristine.
Well I wish her the best
On her foolish quest
Because I have more battles to war.

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