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 Jan 31 Cami
I adore you most during the quietest times of the day
When everything seems so still

I long for you most during the quietest times of the day
Your hands against my aching skin

Heal me
So we can enjoy the stillness together
Our own little world of silence
 Jan 31 Cami
Sarah Flynn
ignoring me
will only make me
raise my voice louder.

when you try to silence me,
I am reminded of why I spoke up
in the first place.

if you want to stop
hearing my voice,
you'll need to start
paying attention
to my words.

I will not be quiet
until you listen.
 Jan 31 Cami
 Jan 31 Cami
You tell me I'm not good enough
I say a snarky comment,
walk away.

Never saying how I truly feel,
breaking down,
another day.

Knowing I will never be okay,
Hurts a bit,
I gotta say.

But I can't do anything to change,
because when my lips open,
it seems that nothing escapes.
I do not speak
Mouth is wired shut
Am devoid of words today
Shelved just out of reach
Only have silence to say
 Jan 31 Cami
 Jan 31 Cami
i feel the need to scream
but all ears are turned away.
i move my lips to talk
but the words won’t come today.
 Jan 31 Cami
The noise inside my head
is so loud
that it doesn't let my voice in

and yet,
Something in it changes
all the chaos and swirl
fall into silence
when You Speak...
 Jan 31 Cami
Moving on
 Jan 31 Cami
and the only Goodbye
was silence
 Jan 31 Cami
Avery Buntin
Won’t you look at the mess you made?
The lights go out,
I come apart.
The sun rises,
And so do I.
But in the night,
When I’m alone,
Your shadow stands over me
And offers a sad smile
A plastic sorry
And I forgive you.
 Jan 27 Cami
Mitch Prax
The love bug
is not kept in a jar
but left to roam from afar.
The love bug
must be set free
to see if it was meant to be.
 Jan 27 Cami
Mitch Prax
If you truly want
what's best for your heart,
then loving me is not the path
you should venture down.
I am but a dead end
waiting for you at
the end of
the road.
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