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Jamie Mar 2021
I saw your hands today
For the first time in what felt like forever

Those strong hands that held mine while I jumped over puddles
Caught me whenever I was about to fall
The hands that built houses and fixed everything --
Broken pipes, dead cars and crocodile tears

I saw your hands today
But they weren't really your hands
Just another dad's of another daughter's

But God, they reminded me of yours
Jamie Dec 2020
I collided into you with eyes closed and palms raw

And to this day,
I still feel the aftershocks of our skin touching

Meeting you wasn't like some storm;
No stillness before the lashing of rain and wind

Meeting you was sudden
It was violent
Meeting you was loud

And now I'm just left with these small aftershocks;
Just a taste of what it was like to touch your skin with mine

Collide with me again

I've never craved loudness
But I'm restless and needy
Jamie Oct 2020
There is a peacefulness
A stillness
With death

That I never thought was there

Witnessing your last breath was the most
Earth shattering thing

The loudest moment of silence

GRIEF is not peaceful
It is pain and hurt and blackness

But that transition of planes;

Mimicking eagle's wings
The ocean's gentle tides

There was a peacefulness with your death

And God,

Do I miss you

Jamie Oct 2020
I adore you most during the quietest times of the day
When everything seems so still

I long for you most during the quietest times of the day
Your hands against my aching skin

Heal me
So we can enjoy the stillness together
Our own little world of silence
Jamie Oct 2020
You beautiful,
Woman you --
I'm in awe of you,
You lovely woman
Jamie Aug 2020
I love you like jazz notes
All over the place and messy

I love you slow
Like a burning ember holding onto firewood

I love you fiercely
I love you now
And then
And always

In secret
In whisper
Jamie Nov 2019
There is a restlessness inside of my body
The rumbling of an uneasy tide against the shoreline
I gasp for air and although my lungs are already full I am greedy
Searching for the road that leads to you
Because I am stuck here
Wanting to just breathe the same air as you
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