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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Petunias are usually pink
I couldn't care less
For the crap that you spout
Or the ******* you clearly think

KCibot Jun 8

Verse 1:

Don't tell me that
You miss me

Don't you know
I feel enough
As Is

Don't tell me that
You're broke and

You know that I
Can't handle all
Of This


Don't share with me
Your pain
I can't take
It all

You know I'm
Not as strong as
I was in my
Golden age

I can't fix
Your broken parts
Or soothe your
Aching heart

I am the only one
That I should
Try and save

I still miss you too
But I am
What I was

I can't lift you up
While I am
Lying On the

I still hold
Out hope I'll
Be Back

I'll show up
And make it
All OK

But Not

Don't tell me that
You're broke and
Unfinished song...
Felt strongly today...
Bardo Jun 9
I got me a Kangaroo
Lives way down in my pants
He seldom sits quiet
He'd rather get up and dance.

He goes Bo-ing! Boing! Boing!
I can't get him stopped
He's always on the go
Yea! he's always on the hop.


Well, he ain't no Dodo
He sure knows how to pogo
Even when I say no! no!
He keeps on on the go! go!
(Bit of a yo-yo)

And when he's full of vim
There's no catching him
I only hope my pants hold out
And he don't pop out.


Now how can I put forward
My Best face
When I got him down there
Bouncing all over the place.

He's up, then he's down
Then he's back up again
Up and down all day
Like a demented drawbridge.


He goes Bo-ing! Boing! Boing!
And I go Down! Down! Down!
Whoa-aa Boy!

I go one way
While he goes the other
Man! he's tearing me asunder
I'm every which way.

My mind full of insecurities & fears
And my Kangaroo down there
He's looking up at me saying
What the hell are you doing up there.


O! what am I going to do
With my wild Kangaroo,
What am I going to do !!!
What! Get him a didgeridoo ???
(A didgeri-didgeri-doo!)

Have you got a Kangaroo
Down in your pants ?
"Ooooo! Whoo!" sang the girls
     "yes! we Dooo Whooo!!!"
What! Wait a minute, you mean...
You mean girls, they got Kangaroos too !!!
Poem about Kangaroos. But this isn't an Australian poem, that's a clue. You've heard of the birds and bees, well this is the Kangaroos in the trees. Must have been a full moon when I wrote this or a remembrance of randier days when I had the hots, my Kangaroo is quite well behaved these days.
in and amongst the cells.

God's vengeance is total as He'll destroy cities to get even with a few people. He doesn't like ******, like it at all. ******-lovers beware of the Lord's wrathful nature. “Ooooo, I love my sodomizing ways so much I can never give them up, not even for 5 minutes!” Take heed careless sodomizing person! Don't let God hear you talk like that!
He'll **** you—He really will!
The beauty queen who loved Mexican ****** *******.
“Ooooo, let's have ****** ******* right now!”
“No! Not till we get to Mexico!!!”
Writing to you is painful, like having my legs bit off by polar bears
in Canada where the ******* talk French & **** against maple trees
& say “Ooooo la la” all the time & constantly eat ticks & dog fleas.
The beauty queen who loved Mexican ****** *******.
“Ooooo, let's have ****** ******* right now!”
“No! Not till we get to Mexico!!!”
Ooooo, look at me! I'm the forty-fifth vice president of Sumatra for
what's left of the twenty-first century & you cannot stop me with 50
of the most daring strippers with mega-huge **** in south Indonesia!

— The End —