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Nadia Dec 2013
Hope you don't mind I showed my mom what you posted.
I thought hard about what you posted in your poem.  
Mom came home and told her not to nap I needed to talk.
She said "Can't it wait I need my beauty sleep?'
Said no I need to talk to you or I might get pregnant.
That got her attention she looked at my belly real close.
Showed my poems but did not log in don't want her deleting.
she was screaming "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU POSTING THAT?"
She finally quit screaming and read what you said then all my poems.
Screams all over the freaking house and more yelling in my face.
She did what she don't like to do TALK TO ME!!!!
None of her dumb notes today just told me to sit down then called dad.
He was ****** at how I posted about his
facebook and about his *****.
Yelling and screaming at me then mom
stopped shouting then dad.
Mom demanded I log in and delete but I refused.
Told them it was how a stranger was the
only one who made sense.
Mom was ****** at a strange woman giving me advice.
Dad got ****** then and told her if she was home
more it would not happen.
More yelling from mom at dad this time.
Big surprise he defended me the daughter he
said wasn't worth a ******.
Mom cooled down and they read my poems.
Dad wanted to know if I did it with him for real.
Told him truth.
He was steamed but shut it for once in his life.
We spent hours talking i mean really
talking and they are still at it.
I was dismissed by my parents with a
promise from my parents
if I don't write about what they do in real life they
would try to be better at communicating with me.
Mom promised no more answering personals and
no over night dates until I go off to college.
Dad promised to make me feel like I was his daughter.
I can't stand his ***** but she's in my life until dad kicks her out.
Net wedding's off all he wanted to do was get in my virtual pants.
Thanks to you might be a merry x-mas to me.
Nadia Dec 2013
mine are messed up
mine are hypocrites
mom answers too many personals and gets laid by strangers
dad stopped caring when he got another kid
dad bellows at me over stupid ****
mom don't want to talk to me
mom leaves her rules written in notes all over the house for me.
mom is never home to help me with homework
dad is too busy with his ***** and his new kid to care about my homework
dad calls me a little ***** when he gets mad
mom says I will be a ***** if I sleep around. HA! mom's a hypocrite!
mom hates breaking nails so I do all housework
dad drinks every day now that he's with the evil *****
dad friends ladies a few years older than me and flirts with them.
dad tells ***** jokes on facebook and I want to unfriend him.
mom doesn't do her laundry and steals my *******
mom and her friends discuss what I don't want to know about men.
Got thousands of reasons why I want new parents.
I hate my life, I hate my life!
Nadia Dec 2013
If you had not cheated on mom and ******* up my mind with divorce.
If you still lived with mom and me you would know there's no school.
You would know snow stopped the buses so I'm stuck in the ****** house.
Mom is still on another all night date with like her million personals ad hookup.
My net fiance wants me to come on gaiaonline to practice for our honeymoon.
What to do when I don't like what he's typing or sexting?
Dad you called to bellow I am late for a school not in session.
Mom turned off her cell phone so she can be laid without me interrupting.
What to do when I don't like his sexting what he wants to do to my body.
Never had *** with anyone or had my body touched like he text to me.
Kids 9 years old are doing it and getting married on the net.
Easy when you got parents like mine who are dumb and care only about their lives.
Nadia Dec 2013
Mom and her friends sit and they laugh at personal ads.
They read and reply saying **** men want and like hearing.
Mom's brunette friend replied to a guy seeking a blonde.
He was a guy with pic and was 60 and a widower retired.
Stupid grey horse is a possible meal ticket mom's friend said she.
Mom and her friends laughed and kept reading personals.
Mom's friend dyed her hair platinum to be what he wanted.
Mom's changing and getting ****** and starting to act like her friends.
I don't want to be a fake *** manipulator to get men's money.
Mom I don't like you or your friends.  
It's 5:27 a.m and you still on your date.
Where the hell are you mom and why aren't you answering your phone?
Nadia Dec 2013
My parents are messed up in the head.
I'm messed up in the head.
I wasn't born this was they made me this way.
Yesterday mom took a long nap woke up then went out.
She went out with another man she found trolling personals.
Mom and her friends don't just answer personals.
Mom and her friends create ads to meet men using words men like.
Mom and her friends say they can't get a man if they lose their girly figures.
Dad's body is flabby with man ***** facebook his women on facebook
could give a **** about looks because dad has a big fat at bank account.
Love of money my mom's friends say makes gross men hot.
Mom's getting laid nightly to prove she can still get laid.
Mom *** ain't love *** is *** that's what dad and his friends say.
Dad you broke mom's heart and now she's messed up in the head.
Dad's evil ***** is near my age but when she gets saggy **** and wrinkles
dad will leave her like he left mom for another evil ***** off facebook.
Nadia Dec 2013
Dear Mr. President,

I don't care about Obamacare that is a ******* up mess.
I don't care about foreign policy or why there are dumb wars.
I want you to fix my life and give me new parents.
My parents are the worst two in the entire galaxy and they need fixing.
I don't have the right tools to fix their messed up lives.
Mom dates men off personals on many sites and sleeps with every one of them.
Dad cheated on mom and left her because she got a few wrinkles on her face.
Mom went nuts and has to prove she's young and can get laid every night.
Dad lives with evil ***** who gave me a sibling I had no idea I had.
Dad's ***** lives for his money in the bank account that was mom and his.
Dad and mom text sext and cyber and write mmmmm a lot.
Mr. President could you please fix my life and my dumb parents?
Nadia Dec 2013
Anti parents because they are hypocrites.
Mom tells me not to sleep around but she does.
Dad says I shouldn't flirt but he flirts and has cyber ***.
Hey dumb parents you messed up your marriage.
You do **** I would never do and you want me to respect you.
Hey mom take the men you meet off personals and shove them up your ***.
Hey dad take your evil ***** and all your facebook skanks and shove them up your ***.
My messed up mind is a ******* up place and is a no hypocrite zone.
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