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Bardo Jun 2019
I got me a Kangaroo
Lives way down in my pants
He seldom sits quiet
He'd rather get up and dance.

He goes Bo-ing! Boing! Boing!
I can't get him stopped
He's always on the go
Yea! he's always on the hop.


Well, he ain't no Dodo
He sure knows how to pogo
Even when I say no! no!
He keeps on on the go! go!
(Bit of a yo-yo)

And when he's full of vim
There's no catching him
I only hope my pants hold out
And he don't pop out.


Now how can I put forward
My Best face
When I got him down there
Bouncing all over the place.

He's up, then he's down
Then he's back up again
Up and down all day
Like a demented drawbridge.


He goes Bo-ing! Boing! Boing!
And I go Down! Down! Down!
Whoa-aa Boy!

I go one way
While he goes the other
Man! he's tearing me asunder
I'm every which way.

My mind full of insecurities & fears
And my Kangaroo down there
He's looking up at me saying
What the hell are you doing up there.


O! what am I going to do
With my wild Kangaroo,
What am I going to do !!!
What! Get him a didgeridoo ???
(A didgeri-didgeri-doo!)

Have you got a Kangaroo
Down in your pants ?
"Ooooo! Whoo!" sang the girls
     "yes! we Dooo Whooo!!!"
What! Wait a minute, you mean...
You mean girls, they got Kangaroos too !!!
Poem about Kangaroos. But this isn't an Australian poem, that's a clue. You've heard of the birds and bees, well this is the Kangaroos in the trees. Must have been a full moon when I wrote this or a remembrance of randier days when I had the hots, my Kangaroo is quite well behaved these days.
SLB13 Mar 2019
Part 2, lay me to rest...

A migraine ensues as I feel my bed getting wobbly,
I open my eyes to find that water has surrounded me.

An island’s shore a distance away, with no guiding lighthouse for assistance to lay.

Just the sea,
some sweet pea,
and a single palm tree.

I sit up and sip my herb tea.
Thirsty I would be after a snotty Sunday,
But a distant cry it be...

“The ship’s sinking captain!”

-queue the choir.

We’re stranded.
Hope a forgotten,
anxiety a blaze.

“What now?!”

We all stood up looking dazed.

“Batten down the hatches and Bring a Spring Upon ‘er!
We’ll get through this storm even if it takes a garner!”

The tides of war, tug and push.
Marooned on this bed of nails I felt ambushed.

I rush to the deck without a moments notice.

Ah the beauty of chaos,
matched that of an orchid and lotus.

Confusion and shock, worry and fear.
Looking around I sensed the end growing near.
And so I ran away and cowered with a tear,
As I waited for this dark cloud to clear.

But soon enough, time passed and I came to realize,
The silence and emptiness that had come to rise.

I took a look around:
Ship abandoned,
No shore in sight,
And Oh how I missed that palm tree,
How she kept me up at night...

Loneliness ensued soon after,
And I’d come to regret my actions.
How I wish I would’ve been taken away by whatever extraction.

And as night time fell, with the claps of thunder,
I thought would I ever again see that breathe of wonder.

A bark of passion to lay my worries against,
A shade of compassion for whenever I tensed.
leaves that fashioned a synthetic chime,

And as I gazed at the storm of your aftertaste, I thought,
I’m almost out of time.
Olivia Daniels Aug 2018
You see-
Love likes to toy with your heart.
it loops your string around its finger
and drops you
with gravity as your guide
you plummet toward earth
only to be yanked back up unceremoniously
in a matter of seconds
the momentum works
against your former guide
as you rocket toward the moon
caught in its orbit
and brought full circle

Love drops you again
and the cycle repeats
you do flips and figure-eights
an act that awes gathered crowds
as you're exposed to their starry eyes
up and down, your heart goes
in all its fragility
beating as hard as it can
until either Love gets bored
or your string snaps
Karisa Brown Oct 2017
F* my style
I don't
Have to

Maybe I'm back there
Doing my time

In this room
Called attitude
You work me
Like a dime

I ain't gotta
Make money move
Just living
A hell of
A ride
Janae Jul 2017
You quickly unraveled
my fragile heart
like a yo-yo.

My heart was the axle
as it was dropped to the ground
when the string snapped.
something old that i found
Pauline Morris May 2016
Spinning and spinning, around and round
Never knowing what will be found
Between love and pain,back and forth, door to door
Which one will I open now, will it knock me on the floor
Pain can leave you lying
Love can set you to flying
So I'm caught between ying and yang
Feeling like a yo-yo again
You told me you were a yo-yo
That even if I always push you away
You will aways come back to me
But where are you now?
Why are you in another girl's hand?

*Now I realize that I don't even know how to play it
And maybe I didn't hold the thread tight
Kate Lion Apr 2015
i wish that God would drop His golden yo-yo from the sky
and turn me yellow. <3

— The End —