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Margar May 2015
You told me you wouldn't have her in your life gain
But you did
I knew it

You told me I was your only one
I wasn't
I knew it

You told me you loved me
You replaced me
I knew it

What was I to do with all this you do with me?
Was I ever really yours?
Any person you loved?

I had a feeling something was wrong
I just
Knew it
Idek bored and nothing to do :) this one was lame and boring but im back and ill do better ones... Not like this
She loves deep
Hates even deeper
Rejection is near
And scares her
A last resort
She's desperately in need
Of something to lift her up
Stop the chance that she'll bleed
It's a scary life she leads
She runs, she pushes and she cries
It's more than she can handle
But she continuously tries
She asks herself these questions
How does she survive?
How does she fake the lies?
What could she possibly do
To hide her truth in disguise?
There is no where left to run
Her fears are all coming true
She knows her life is coming undone
There's nothing left she can do
The life she had is finally through
Im begging you to check this out.. Please
Margar Nov 2014
The Sun is in love.
The Moon is in love.
But what they have is a forbidden love.
The Sun chases the Moon.
The Moon chases the Sun.
But a force greater than that forbids their love.
They will never reach each other,
No matter how hard they try.
A Romeo and Juliet story, once again.
They know their bond won't last very long
Because the Sun and the Moon have a forbidden love.
Follow-up to the "Sun and Moon" poem- created by Ann C.
  Nov 2014 Margar
The sun is in love.
The moon is in love.
The sun comes up in the morning.
To look for his love.
The moon comes up at night.
To look for her love.
The moon has never seen the sun.
But she seems to love the sun.
The sun sees the moon every night.
Just knowing that the sun shines on her at night.
Makes her bright.

- Keirra C.
#First poem
Margar Nov 2014
Zombies exist.
I am a zombie.
I have laughed so hard,
And very long,
That I die.

But I am here.

So I am officially a non-official zombie.
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