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REAL Dec 2021
I’m so tired of loving people
Who don’t love me back
REAL Jun 2021
Remember when we used to keep waving at each other  until we were out of sight
When I used to bike across the city to see you
Laughed until we cried
Drank until we danced
These memories fill me
And Gush out
Late night car rides  
lonely train rides
dark bike rides
My mind riddled with your face
The peachy sunsets
And glittering stars are there to comfort me
The burning sun in the deep blue sky push me
The cotton candy clouds engulf me
“It’s just me now”
My eyes filled with tears now
the music soothes me to sleep
You’re so far now
And it’s because of me
I’m sorry
So sorry
Some times I just really want you back….
REAL Mar 2021
You drive me crazy
Memories of us
Keep me up
But I let my guard down again
And I’m the one who’s left hurt
You’ll always be my friend, I love you so much
But I must let go of my infatuation for you
I thought we were more
REAL Sep 2020
The grey clouds cover the city
The streets seem empty
Yellow leaves have fallen in mid September
You drove away
In midst it all  
With a smile and wave
I’ll miss you
REAL Sep 2020
I’ll write this
Yeah I’m drunk
But I feel good
I think you
But I don’t miss you
I hope your good
As our paths distance
REAL Sep 2020
Fall in early September
My legs are getting tired
My bike ,rusted from the cold wind
The sky cries and the trees leaves die
Fall in early September
This feeling I remember
It’s been a while
And maybe soon you’ll be gone
But at least the memories of you are warm
REAL Aug 2020
..not about you
Happiness doesn’t  lay within you’re successes
The love of someone might tickle your heart
The money might make your mind calm
The house might make you feel secure
The clothes and vehicles might make u feel confident
But happiness does not lay within in any of these things , in any material thing or  person

Happiness lays within you already
We’re just blinded on what happiness is
Happiness is in what you give to others
Love , help , time , laughter , a lending hand , a lending ear .
And it’s within the power of you pushing yourself everyday, exceeding your limit to grow and love.

You’re anxiety’s and sadness will consume you And the darkness in the tunnel will frighten you. Happiness won’t always be there in-spite of all these things. And the end of the tunnel not in sight

But you will find the fire
a smallest ray of sun through a crack
A small light
That will guide you
Love is all
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