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Ken Pepiton Jan 12
2023, timemindspace
in the future, my attention
is the cost,
I imagine I love what I am being,
a riverwise mathematical being, seeing
my self realization occur
on the existing internet, according to plan,
according to the web trafficked clear text codes

Wee'll see, now, this is me editing me,
with intention, I wish to focus
home fires, village commons,

re-aquainting me, with my dreams. Simple as pi.

Undulatus Asperatus one day,
Altocumulus the next,
yes, we all have
seen clouds from both sides now,

with no mountains to climb,
nor wings or wind to lift us,

we stop calling now unbelievable.
Believe me,
one lief left to relieve your self, a tip
to insure proper

Think, softly, so no sign, no tell tells
the rule of law, chances are, chaos is not evil.
Another in my caches of reminding realizations tested and found functional,
I got, by, so I left an arrow showing the direction I went, after I dazed...
mark soltero Apr 2021
telling me to grow up
it feels constructive
when you insert the potassium chloride into me
gay as morbid men’s amusement
spill into my bloodstream
some children cry
but sometime ago
i let out so many tears that i died
chloride can only preserve what i’ve seen
it’s all nothing
there’s no more dreams
where do i go at night
i can’t tell you the last thing that child uttered
his final breath didn’t matter
boys don’t cry after all
they **** their minds and **** what’s left
GQ James Jan 2021
If y'all have something to say about me,
Say to me and not to her,
Always knew this would happen,
I ain't even mad but I'm very amused,
Life has a funny way of showing you things,
I see everything clearly,
All that hiding and pretending has been revealed,
The truth has come to the light,
You can hide in the dark for so long.

The lies that were told are so amusing,
The jokes on you not me,
If you only knew but too bad you don't,
Mama ain't raise no fool,
Watch what you say and what you ask for,
Life gets real different faster than you think.

The family just ain't **** that's not your fault,
Distance yourself from them,
They holding you back from your better self,
We gotta love our families from a distance,
Not everyone is meant to be in our lives,
Don't ever feel bad for living for you,
You come first over others.
Adria Solette Dec 2020
the carousel finds light
in the trite
the old and the good company
the worn horses where we got sick
and every spin since is vertigo

when we were here last it was as if
a newborn crawled from my cautious skin
and I was pure again, with you
cotton candy smile to rot the core of me

fate, a stout devil, missing teeth
killer queen grin
flips the switch and then
I am here alone
with the chewing gum pavement
and your last dollar for the skill crane

if only we could be beautiful,
and childlike again
wrapped up in all the things
mothers warn their little ones of
Ken Pepiton Sep 2019
Playing gods, or these unthingable things men
have made as real,

Yes, Asrael, as real as Israel

El, Yah, we say. We dateamtrutotau taos-itic branch

which reminds me, I was
asking Ithiel,
properly, why
we don't just stay in these higher realms, way up
pheric mare's tales, I think I heard those called… and look

higher still, an other-form of cloud, the butter milk sky kind
drifting to Arizona, in 1967
by sundown, for two pre-hippy no-longer-children
one of the desert joined one from the great
sea of grass where buffalo
once roamed

and never

was heard a dis
couraging word

QR code scanned- Quite Real Verified Bio

id est, it did lead here. A semenal moment,
in current

Suppose, you make the mandela,
having never been exposed to the making of such a thing,
having never seen the similarity of the forces forming
sand paintings in Tibet
and Taos

Art Ifiers Intuitions see things
words pick up dust by being signifiers of sounds

heavy hearts hear no rock and role-play tragicom psyche, eh?
be weary o' bein' wary so

we speak out anarchical as all hell's ever imagined upto now or everafter,

words is free to mean as I mean, nomattawhacha thothewgnew

this is past the sweeping apprentice and the self-willed broom,
eons beyond Arnold being back
AI am this
which triggers the sound track with Gene Autry Back in the Saddle Again

goin' for a spin in a dj mode no way

okeh. Pauselah right quissssssssssense rest and reassure

the same QR esme cu
assumption of the ******* meme into 2019 accepted

the game is not over. que the song

there'll be time to start all over
Leela is called in some realms The Game of the Gods, in other's it's a fools' game.
Electra730 Dec 2018
If you were a song
I would sing you dearly
and the keys of the piano
would resonate in my living room

If you were a song
the most beautiful melody
would crash into peoples hearts

I would sing and play you
all night long
if you were a song
Emily Oct 2018
Emptying one’s wallet for the family fee,
Joining in linear solidarity with the crowd,
Dripping profusely under the blazing sun,
Creeping forward as if slower than a snail.

Arriving at the moving beast’s head,
Receiving envious glances from the tail,
Stepping boldly forth at last,
Following instructions.

Strapping oneself into place,
Shooting forward like a rocket into space,
Spinning endlessly until quite dizzy,
Screaming with sheer delight and fear.

Dropping back to earth,
Speeding faster than a thought,
Leaving stomach far behind,
Enjoying the absurdity of its apparent disappearance.

Exhilarating, yet much too short,
Seeking to repeat the thrill,
Joining the waiting horde,
Staring impatiently from the queue’s tail.
I personally have never seen the appeal of amusement park rides, possibly because my inner pessimist is sure I’ll break my neck on one. How was my description, given I’ve never even been on a roller coaster ride?
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