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Rosely Medina Dec 2018
Someday, my darling, I will bloom a ravishing bloom. Butterflies shall hold astound as my lavish colors wander dull skies. Fireflies will stand in awe as my luster illuminates the nights. Bees shall not discern me beside the rest of the blossom. I will bloom heavenly.
Wyatt Jul 2018
Five stars, a rare treat.
Your stomach is rumbling,
sounds like you're hungry.
Here's a couple words
prepared so pretty
to feed your inner thoughts.
Craving, you're aching for this.

Eat it up,
lavish in the attention.
Decorate your plate
with all of this affection.
Marinade the moment,
we'll go on a couple more.
Longer and longer we go,
the deeper we indulge.

You eat at my mind
and you eat at my nerves,
it's like you're starving
to make me hurt.
Desire is wired inside us
and we won't leave empty
until we're hungry again.
You eat at my mind.
Shane Leigh Jun 2017
I have never been one for the rays of the sun and their fulfilling warmth – not I. I have only ever loved the cadence of the raindrops; the clashing symbols that are lightning; and the reverberating basses and baritones that are thunder. Such sounds that embrace my limbs and wrap me wholeheartedly in solitude that I find it comforting – a haunting and beautiful orchestra of but three instruments. My love for rain is nothing but earnest, if only because it reminds me of the comforts of my home. Lavish hills of green that gently fade into the languid sands of the seashores on strips of the southern coast, and abrupt drops over sheer cliffs to the sea-worn rocks towards the northern coast; and, ah, the copious forest land, with towering trees warped in crackling bark and hanging vines, swaying with the winds in the east.
© Shane Leigh
Arcassin B Jan 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

You're a super sonic angel from a very happy place....

I could dream,
A million dreams,
Not in one night,
You'd be surprised
At how you make me feel,

I'm not a god,
Nor a devil,
But you could believe
The things I've lost,
I give you patience,
Wipe tears from your face,
You're a super sonic angel from a very happy place,
Very lavish,

Take me home,
To see my father,
Wanna be free,
It's not up to me,
I don't know what is real,

A mess in this life,
Although I hate it,
I'm glad I met with you,
I see the problems,
I see the cost of what i can erase,
You're a super sonic angel from a very happy place,
Ooooo so lavish.
K Dec 2015
Dead crocs and rabbits
being worn and stepped on
as rugs and carpets
and furry trench coats

Panned, sluiced, and
now shiny gold toilets
All thanks, to your
10-year old laborer

Fancy Ferrari cars
Lavishing clothes
and mind-blowing ***
What else could you wish for

with that stone heart of yours?
An attempt to write something.. Relevant
my cup overflows Jul 2015
lord , how can you understand me ?
how can you relate?
the pain i face almost everyday ?
lord, why me ...why do i only hate?..
if I'm under your guidance ,..
why can't i feel your embrace ?...

i walked the path you walked
and i understand your grief all too well
but remember your not alone
you have my guiding help

know that the things you faced were painful
and i wept that it hurt you so
but it was allowed to shape your heart
so into my likeness you'd grow

but lord!!... lord what if i fall
what if I'm not good enough for your call ??.
then i will pick you up and help you to walk
but ...but ...lord ... what if i fall again?
and fall again ??....
           ­                                                 you
                                                                ­             up ...
well this was inspired by what i watched the other day...and well....seems like it applied to today .... ,

for love casts out fear

anyways , quick mesg ...... you don't hold yourself up ..... He does ..... so don't feel the need to work ....but rest ... >>> rest in his finished work :)

— The End —