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Suresh Gupta Mar 16
Drum Beat

it's another land
Someone else's war
Rumblings carried on the wind
Too faint

Not my land
Still someone else's war
Now I can hear the explosions
Interspersing the beat

It's distinct
Still not my war
Amongst a thousand
The sound of a single bullet

Deafening explosions
Cracking, snapping, buzzing
By the millions leaving the muzzles
Whaling, screaming and even the whimpering
But the beat is constant

The beat is constant
The whimpering, the screaming,
The buzzing and the snapping
Those explosions they are
All in my head, and now
It's my inescapable war
And the drum beats
somewhere else the guns are silent

not a word escapes from their muzzles

doors are in place in a house with a roof

a fire burns warm in a cast iron grate

somewhere else the girls wear faces

lipstick red on fresh baked smiles

freckled skin with awesome hair

brushed by hands with lilac skin

somewhere else the books are waiting

words are sleeping on feather down pages

like wild animals in a well fed zoo

beneath the gaze of rested eyes

somewhere else a world breathes easy

clouds drive slow in  low-gear lanes

women walk in elegant gowns

cigars perfume the company of men

somewhere else these things happen

but I am nowhere near these places

my gun is waking in a trembling hand

my dreams are silent in a different land

— The End —