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david jm Feb 2020
no wave, no fun, no plague, no one, no saves, no humdrum dumb-dumb luck.
no you, no them, no peace, no fuss, no just, just, just, just, just, just us.
no duh, no soul, no ghouls, no guts, no sun, know theres no waking up.
corona virus cant unite us.
me and you.
no peace, no fuss.
david jm Feb 2020
i go extinct.
i fall in love.
i make believe
i never was.
everybody needs more time, i know i do.
im not the meek.
im not above.
im just a man
inside the love.
cant nobody understand aside from you.
thought i wasn't human -
alas, i bleed.
bodies in the forest become the trees.

you know that i love you,
i cant help myself.
the afterlife's forever, ever.

im half asleep.
im half my mom.
im not beneath,
"Its not enough".
everybodys out their mind, im overdue.
you know better than they do.
talking while im sleeping is
not unique.
thought i wasn't dreaming, then lost all my teeth.

you know that i love you,
i cant help myself.
the afterlifes forever, ever.
david jm Jan 2019
Layin head to face,
We spoonfeed baby food to microwaves.
Catching colds from the blonde bangs,
Jacuzzi anklets & monk beads in teal.
As thought leaves a mark it makes room for walls.
For plain cherry Pop Tarts™ sake,
I beg you,
In the name of the three times removed -  but never named,
For lack of a joke worse than you,
Get them wounds checked out.
david jm Aug 2018
What's the jungle doing up so late?
How's the afternoon a blinding night?
Why did all of God evacuate?
Who's the fire gonna wake up now?
Where you headed?
Let me tag along,
Now is not the time to **** the cows,
But we've crossed our hearts through lines they'd drawn,
So my faith is sleeping on the couch.
david jm Jul 2018
jesus was a carpenter
ya boy is jst a lil sun,
burning like a blade of grass
beneath a magnifying glass,
feeling like the only one
my life was jst an art for her.
david jm Feb 2016
I bled my soil,
Broke the gavel,
Burned the court
And blinded God.
Freedom gets ugly when taken seriously.
But only LIONS take it at all.
david jm Oct 2015
Spit it out like it must be said.
Its on the the tip of my tongue.
This **** is cousin to death,
She's like a father to me.
Big gold cross for my Momma
to show Pops we livin prosperously.
He coughs just like me,
I'm chiefin more than him now.
Candles burn at every turn until
the passion dims out.
Awaiting faith i know will never come to light.
I'll live like this until I'm six feet under Sunnyside.
Raised in the Beach,
You know i slave away in Compton.
One more day to pay the cover charge of living without options.
Pro Club on my black t.
Three lumps in my black tea.
Borderline poor royalty,
Unknown to you,
And it means more to me,
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