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Bronx Peach Jan 2014
365Nectar #60  Devour Me        
Fri. November 22, 2013  9:18 P.M.

Devour me...

A provocative passionate pouring
of pillaging and plundering...
A pleasing prowling
of a piercing plunderer...
A lovely, limp nymph
laid upon a sizzling alter...
Awakening all the senses
a choking of lust
unleashes exhilarating

envelops you...

Effortlessly evoking ethereal...
a sinister seduction
seductively seduces
and hungry hips
breakdance with hysterical
Stimulating a surreal surge of a sweet seeping...


For you to chisel
an unimaginable devouring...

S slow steady climb to the summit
of the ultimate ******...
Time... a tool to employ flamboyantly...


Expose my conquered heart
that leaks
of streams
of cream
of succulent sensation...

Expose my tamed moistness
that whispery whines
as you build a legacy
of torturous licking....


Slithering in spicy spirals
of stirring screams
from stormy shivers
of steamy anticipation
of your redefining touch...

drowning in the sticky sensation
of all that is us...
A tender luscious love liquefying flesh
and penetrating souls...

We blend in blazing bliss
tapping taboo for titillating thrills
you rock a rowdy ravishing
inside me...

I whisper wet whimpers
and beg for bitten breast...
Our wrestling hips
hug, *****, and groan a hungry growling...
Pounded into saturated submission
I linger in lubricating dreams
for you-

devour me.
Bronx Peach Jan 2014
365Nectar #61  Snatched Out of Sanity        

Sat. November 23, 2013  4:26 P.M.

Having an intimate conversation
with your swagga,

I was trapped in an unraveling of unquenchable lust

The tightening scent of smoldering sweat stirs

Your shivering slow stalk
tossed me into a whimpering limp...

A savory sweltering
and sweetness accumulates...

You tap and spill me like sap from a maple tree
defying laws of time
you delve deeper and inject droplets of rumbling ecstasy

Unmistakably enticing
alluring arousal fluttered capturing me...

and snatched me clean out of sanity.
Bronx Peach Jan 2014
365Nectar #107  One Last Moan
Wed. Jan. 8, 2014  10:52 A.M.

Anxious waves of swollen anticipation
Roll like hot lava
Scorching your temptation…
I’m needing your touch.

My swollen lips quiver in wild shudders
from sweet torture
and inflamed mumbles slither out of me

Twitching and turning together
our perfumed bellies are drenched in a *** soaked dream

Your ravaging renders you aching jaws
and me…
incoherent speech

Pinned….kneeling…. and blind-folded
slumped over and dripping
*** cracking
and ******* bouncing
mouth-watering ******* drown us in
the melodious echoes of the quivering screams being clawed out of me

My hot lava beckoning release
you weave my longing into streaming liquid gold
sizzling satin ***

And we surrender to nasty fantasies

I want you deep and rough
Do me long
Do me hard
Spank a mean moaning out of me

***** a gaging groaning
and lick out primitive screams

fiercely dip me towards blissful sleep
then ****
one last moan
out of me.
Bronx Peach Nov 2013
365Nectar #8    Crescent City Blues                      
Tues. Oct 1,2013 10:21 P.M.

In the deepest attic
the thumping blues
paint pastel portraits
of the Crescent City

In burning ripples
words slap strangers
taking refuge in Armstrong Park

Slender, ****, and Shorty
growl muted tones that ravage old bones
whip thru Mid-City
and saunter thru the Garden District
all just practice to sizzle in a wild tap dance in the Quarter

High steppin Indians
march toward God
and defy gravity.

Roaring second line
being led by woman powered Pinettes Brass Band
hold rush hour traffic hostage for days
belting greasy mingling tunes
in the eye of the dusty moon

A pitch black struggle
with the old moon
liberated old souls
entangled in soaked strings
and sobbing fingers

A quintet churns and
challenges the loneliness of pain

Strumming fingers
make out with
humming strings
under a starry blue grey sky

Stomping down long black Oak-lined roads
blowing thru shotgun homes
like winter cold howling
lifting heavy weights
from shoulders
like the sun shifting against bad weather
the blues lady
open the veins
of drunken roses

Lungs full of tears
Irma holla's, cries, and moans remedies
north south east and west of a street called Desire
Oh Etta
At Last

Dim Misty light
cast a heavy shadow
on wiggling spirits
as they cast off pain
Allen Toussaint
in smokeless blaze
tips the night air

Kermit blows
Dusty blues
seducing suffering souls
bounding them to each other in bliss

Whispering around town
in a perfect velvet midnight
sweet exhalations of song birds from corner joints
dance the Ruffin groove

fiery trebles wave at people passing by

Down right ***** blues
muzzles twilight
trombones,tubas, and trumpets
lay harmony
under the harmonious thunder
of the Marsalis Masters
and low down deep
in a musty sleepless corner
is the missing Bass-man..

hung over.

Copyright ©2013  Crescent City Blues
Bronx Peach Nov 2013
365Nectar #49  Clean Out Your Basement            
Mon. November 11, 2013  10:25 P.M.

Half-crazed like a naked savage...
stillness speaks
clamoring for attention in startling fresh expression
conjuring false memories of purity...

Cheering unsuccessful progress
in an attempt to preserve non-existent dominance...

Cosigned on civilized barbarity at an interest rate of 36% compounded annually...

The survival of a naked castaway
Perfectly unbalanced symmetry, that's slightly consistent, in a feeble attempt to compensate for weak genetic inheritance

Bathing **** in a ****** religion of bewildering complexity...

Relatively fluent in ungoverned profanities...
intentional involvement in ******* and lies

Aggressive mental exploits inflate illusion
disabling direction...

Gullible digestion of prescribed placebo
claiming cure of  a Curiosity Coma...

STOP hoarding evidence of stupidity...
911 radical refinement...

                            ...CLEAN OUT YOUR BASEMENT.
Bronx Peach Nov 2013
365Nectar #58   Menage A' Trois for Two        
Wed. November 20, 2013  11:03 A.M.

When drilling fantasies
conjure up blinding moments of ****** chaos
quench your thirst to the edge of exhausted...

Loosen Love's skirt with lavish curiosity
and plant kisses on her cheeks ever so tenderly
she will appreciate it...
...and will thank you accordingly...
graciously... properly...
... with no hesitations or reservations.

Caress her tightly closed thighs mercilessly
and arouse her passion for you...
observe how her eyes roll up into the back of her head
as you travel inside her
A deep grinding rains of sweat...

Frolicking with the power of an angry bull
you violently plunge faster and harder
stomping out Love's sweet wine.

You swing Love into a mad intimate dance
and passion strokes you in your spinning...

******* on Love's heart
she begs for more...
swallow Love and feel the warmth of her frenzy
put a gentle squeezing on her soul
and her floodgates will pour you out a blessing...
Place a soft chewing on her ripe pulp
and feel her juices flow and run down her limbs and yours.

Firmly massage her ******* and release goosebumps...
employ some devious device
and create double pleasure... for Love...
in the name of love...
a menage a' trois for two.

Affectionately stuffed
Love engulfs you with deep trust
Complete pleasure arises...
and Love returns to her fertile season
overwhelmed by the generosity of a ****, ****** servant
Love shows deep appreciation...
from rooftop to porch...
from chair to wall...
sideways planting...
from bedroom to kitchen...

Dress Love in your dazzling sorcery
and she'll wear it like gorgeous jewelry.
@365Nectar  @bronxpeach  #365nectar
Bronx Peach Nov 2013
I Am My Own  

I am my own…
     crystal Fiji beach
     whip cream
          cinnamon top
     mango top
fresh picked raspberry drops.

I am my own…
     mighty wind
          triumphant friend
     gift of love
          fruit essential
     one heart
          one love.

I am my own…
     dark blue calm sea
lemon grass-aroma therapy
honey sweet jasmine essence of love…

I am my own color of love.

I am my own…
     natural mystic
           secure spirit
     Brazilian love
          honeysuckle rose
     Shangri-la high…

I am my own poet of love.

A slave bound by my own soul.
in control of control
releasing serenades
from a deep rich soul.

I am my own…
    cry in the dark
          shimmering lights
    crescent moon
          guiding light
    hot lava
          river valley low
    Mt. Everest high
in between medium grey skies.

I am my own…rain to sunshine.

stormy weather
     indigo blue
irreversible internal damage
my own worst enemy too.

But most of all…

   I am my own

Unconditional Love.

© Copyright 2004 I Am My Own
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