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BLVNK Apr 2019
(Thoughts) While Riding High

I just love sounds of trains at night pillowing my ear drums with screeching sounds of metal clashing against itself as it sores through its alleys.,
Focused on one main goal.,
getting to it’s destinations.,
Yes., I’m thinking too much,
Perhaps I’ve been missed lead by my judgements.,
(Thoughts) While Riding High.,
So high that I can feel myself pulsating out of my chest.,
Can’t even search for anything simple.,
Heads racing.,
I’m fathomed by thoughts drifting in and out of comatose consciousness.,
Lol (laugh, or pretend laughter), no that’s too literal.,
I traveled more of a distance in my mind and saw something.,
A glimpse of something that could’ve been.,
These stories that wraps my head infinitely with thoughts so fast unable to interpret a simple comprehension of my own mind.,
I came out with something.,
You know the one thing man all “hopes for”.,
Hoping one day the evolution of man can rise and conquer a again.,
While I listen to the subtle tunes of nature blossoming into a Rose.,
A rose where no matter how pretty and beautiful it is, you’d still have to deal with the most slightest of flaws.........,
Yes the nature of us.,
We built things on earth to let it all rot on top of itself, isn’t that obscure.,
Let me get out of my own annoying thoughts.,
It’s like the mind is built like fireworks that blankets the skies of earth with energy.,
I picture myself owning something.,
And again stop overthinking.,
Owning what, they say?.,
It’s tragic how limited minds can influence millions of innocent lives using them as tokens.,
Telling them what to do or say.,
Instead of just breaking through and living the best lives they could it’s all about control.,

Smt I’ll stop getting worked up, Pt 2 is coming soon I hope everyone enjoyed reading. If you guys have feed back, give me some feed back, I’d love that through and through.
BLVNK Nov 2018
Many have fallen
Fewer chosen
You see realizing this life is just a fragment of my infinite imagination where theirs many worlds I’ve existed in such paradox’s.
My theology shackled mind chronologically ordered by my nightmarish slaughter of a utopian society admired by the percentage of the world so rich and left unseen,
being coated by molds of acid hemispheres of worlds we’ve jacked in seems to die slow by the third degree and it’s worsening.
Astro sized coffins must be bought in this day in time to substitute grazed heated bullets piercing spines, thighs and eyes, minds ****** from auras chakra points paralyzed moments ahead when our flesh became ****** and scrutinized.
BLVNK Feb 2017
Shapeshifters lost in mazes in a world of equilibrium walking bare along borders of still waters.
Their pale skin reflects amongst the flooded seas a breeze passed a 20 foot tree as they prance gracefully in my dreams.
BLVNK Feb 2017
Theoretically speaking I'm constantly seeking for truth.

Waving white flags and truces even when whites are hanging nooses, buildings of blockades an aid for destruction mentally constructed to keep our eyes blind a constant excuse for freedom.

When sometimes I think freedoms a disease the way so many armed forces are forced over seas to siege a way with an extra arm to squeeze at enemies abroad for things unknown just to drop a nuke.

So let these visions be televised and in the future wise men become the eyes sequences in history repeating repetitiveness will seize but until then we live out America's Dream
BLVNK Feb 2017
Hoping graves can raise for the rest can live again
Everlasting in a caste we suffer for in reign
Patience, living amongst the gravitational purpose
Engaged to live as slaves today
In the mind we hide in vanity.
Demanding a type of gratitude but who's is it blame?
In a world where wolves lie to pollute the just only to live sinister enough to trust that their worlds left in flames,
Dust smoke induced vomiting tormented by the bliss of pain will be the road to take that won't fade.
BLVNK Feb 2017
From every corner there's borders bringing the order with slaughter forcing these morders to keep white recorded in forces rejoicing subliminals spiritual 4 5ths the only scripture made to keep visions blind.
A solstice the size of heaven infinite infidelity a cosmic orb I described as hell.
in eyes are swelled indulged in gold sentences to provenience of differences so instant missions when that serpents hissed to keep a sin locked inside a vivid mind.
So can we live in abundance problems we face we effect the story told chapters written closer to ends another master prevailed
Bullied in packing weight
For keys respusha size
bundles we hope to rise
in a state rates increased the coffin size.
BLVNK Feb 2017
The wrath of love
           and fruits of my labor,
              haunted at the eve of day
                  I sin again.
My soul shall fret and scorn beyond
      the fall of man and risen son.
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