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August May 2017
I am not an empty vase for you to collect your dead flowers in.
Amara Pendergraft 2017
August Mar 2016
You are your whole universe
Infinite & complex
With vast space for
What makes you to reside

Although your broadness can
Feel empty, too extensive & lonely
You are limitless, boundless,
Imperfectly organized chaos

Let yourself surround you,
     But never drown you.
August Jan 2016
Time creeps by here
Lazily waving goodbye, dear
And it slides agonizingly near
Before moving on to the next year
Amara Pendergraft 2016
August Aug 2015
We ride down streets I don't know
With Spanish rock on the stereo

The street lamps are strange shades
I close my eyes as everything fades

I think of all the things I want to be
All the women I could see

You can call me before I go to sleep
And I'll listen to your voice through my dreams
Amara Pendergraft
August Jul 2015
I'm so angry at you
For what you do to me

As if you could ever see
How I've become so blurry

Trying & failing to meet
You're watery priorities

I'm black & white baby
And you're making my ink bleed
Amara Pendergraft 2015
August Jul 2015
You were shining in the shade
As the dusk began to fade
I had to turn to you and say,

'Can it always be this way?'

The question never left my lips
And as the sun began to dip
Your eyes were completely lit

All I could do was photosynthesize you.
Amara Pendergraft 2015
August Jul 2015
I am not built for love
I can't keep you warm
The fireplace in my chest
Is soaking wet

From the water that drips
Through my moonlit
Jagged holes

Beautiful to you
In some long forgotten way
You won't stay
In a rain stained skeleton

A visitor in a museum
I'll make a pretty photo
For you to look back on

When you go
All that will remain will be
Trampled leaves and high ceilings
A shadow in the trees
Amara Pendergraft 2015
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