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PJ 1d
I stare at the sky every night
cause I remembered that you admired the moon
hoping that our eyes will meet
on the light that it emits.
PJ 4d
Hey its a beautiful day
There's a strong breeze
the buzzing bees
everything is at sway
the leaves, the trees,
the very mint green grass
that's always perfect on a canvass
as you can see
just above the thin line of the sea
or above the tall mountains
there's a picture perfect
that always amazes me
the perfect curves
the soft fluffs
the pillow for a thousand hugs
and squishy cuddles
PJ 6d
Your the beauty
that's filled with the suns power
a light that shines
as bright as ever
rejoices in the rain
gives comfort to those
who are in pain
gives smiles to those
who are in love
definitely a gift
from above
You are perfect
my dear sunflower
PJ Mar 17
I'm puzzled
maybe confused
of what I lack
or what should I have done
cause right now
I'm left with none
my soul is drained
and my mind is tired
but my heart still beats
and its sings a song
where feelings
and words meet
to make a smile
and make everything

I will ask
the moon
if it still shines
even when stars
are afar
cause I can be okay
even when I'm alone
cause my heart still beats
and its sings a song
PJ Mar 11
I want to die in my sleep tonight!
PJ Mar 5
2 years ago
on this day
I tried to take away my life
just to run away from pain
cause the walls that I build
came crashing down
and nothing
can take away the frown

Yes I was scared
I was weeping
as I planned it
holding the knife
close to my throat
saying the goodbyes
without any halt

The fear came
so very strong
as I have thrown
the knife
that would have taken
away my life.

I was crying without
an end
cause I felt it was
a second chance
to start a new
that only happens
to a few.
PJ Mar 1
I know this wont make you whole again. I know this cant complete  you nor compensate to all the hardships you had with me but I would like to say sorry.

I'm sorry for being me. I didnt know any better.
I'm sorry, I was clueless that you like me from the start.
I'm sorry that I shared all my hardships and life and didnt heared yours
I'm sorry that I was sharing how my days went and didnt had the time to listen to you.
Im sorry for always being so sweet and caring. I didnt mean to break your guard.
Im sorry for always talking to you constantly even when I dont have anything to tell you.
Im sorry for always answering your late night calls and talking to you until dawn.
Im sorry for sharing my 1st love and it wasnt you.
Im sorry that I always scream to the world how she meant to me and letting you see it.
Im sorry for telling you I will court her and ask you for advices
Im sorry for having someone as the moon for my tides when I was your moon.
Im sorry for talking to you when she broked my heart.
Im sorry for the days  I was so broken and all I have to talk too is you.
Im sorry for failing to see that you where there all the time I was so down
Im sorry for telling you I wasnt loveable when you have loved me.
Im sorry for going into deppression and pushed you away.
Im sorry I was ****** that I started hurting myself.
Im sorry for not noticing your late night calls.
Im sorry for not answering for chats and text.
Im sorry for not caring for your care.
Im sorry for calling you when I was slowly becoming okay.
Im sorry for being insensitive, I didnt know you were having a hard time.
Im sorry for being okay when your not.
Im sorry for not giving you a chance.
Im sorry for saying thank you, when you said you love me.
Im sorry I cant give the love that you gave me.
Im sorry for making you wait.
Im sorry that you have grown tired.
Im sorry for not making that leap.
Im sorry that I was afraid.
Im sorry for thinking I can make it on my own.
Im sorry for the love I cant repay
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