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PJ Sep 9
I said I was hurt
they said I was overreacting
I said I was fine
they said am I sure?
I said what I felt
but I was told what to feel
I told them I will be fine
they said what was the problem?
I told them the truth.
Now they thought im lying.
I said my goodbyes and farewells
they said okay
Now the line
I will be fine
is in the present
cause Im okay now
without the "they"
I am "me"
its always hard to please everyone.. and there are times you suffer cause you dont want to lose them cause you think your happiness lies within them but when you cross the line you will realize that you will be fine.
PJ Jul 24
I stared into the field
thinking if when my
heart would be healed
as I watched the cloud
listen to my heart beat loud
cause the shadows of the doubts
are chasing me
making me believe
I want something
I don't.
Making me believe
of the what ifs
hunting me like
the rose isn't red
but pastel pink
yes i'm daydreaming
hoping in it
my what ifs are true
PJ Jul 22
How does one move on
when everyone wants you to cry
telling me, I kept it all inside
but I know its lie
cause It already killed me
a couple of times
the feeling I mean
it hurt like the world
just stopped producing memes
yes it was hard
but I need to bounce back
and fill myself of what I lack
cause when its time to be happy again
I wont have to hide a lie
behind these smiles.
PJ Jul 22
Who is that in the Mirror? I think she knows
Reflection of a confused face
with a story of what ifs and woes
as she stares deep into her soul

She wasn't sad for all she know
but the what ifs
is in control
all the details and all her thoughts
just cycles through
in her mind

but don't get her wrong
she keeps it inside
locked in and sealed
with a sweet rainy smile
cause she loved the rain
and her clouded thoughts

Clouded skies & clouded thoughts
she wanted to paint with pastel pink
for with that she is control
even if with all the what ifs
cause the cloud is now her fave
the color that she could sighhh
with relieffff
PJ Jun 5
warm blankets and cold winds
heavy rain
outside the window pane

its a happy day
you see
remembering all my dears
while holding the memories near
cause I remember the days
were my friends
are all genuine and true
the smiles , the laughs
and all the tears
we shared
that glowed like the sunflower
that's filled with the power
of our sun.
PJ Mar 30
Its a good day
to be happy and free
its cold out
its okay to stay in this warm bed
all cozy and still

I'm happy you see
staying in this cold breeze
drinking this bubble tea
feeling loved
while wrapped in these
soft blankets
a hand inside
my purple jacket

its a beautiful day
like happiness
tucked inside
a happy basket
PJ Mar 29
Its night again
its time to say hello
to my old friend
Hi moon
I have been thinking of you
since high noon
last night was a shame
cause I didn't see you
cause it rained

You take allot of shapes
you maybe half
a crescent
or full
I love them all

You are powerful
you take control of the tides
and gives light
when its a dark night

yes you are bright
but not as much that it hurts
cause your light is only bright enough
to warm up my cold heart
your light holds it near and dear
keeping it from falling apart
with the warmth of your light

I can gaze on you till
dawn comes
be at awe at your beauty
and will remember this night
then wait for you
to come again
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