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Manny Nov 2014
Worrying comes as second nature to some people,
Do not tell them to stop, if they knew how - don't you think they would have saved themselves from the heartache's that would ensue?
Worrying is inevitable;
The only difference is, it comes more naturally to some rather than others.
If you cross paths with a worrier - take my advice,
Leave them be.
One woman's worry can be another woman's sanctum.
Written 11:57am Tuesday 25th November 2014
(C) Maniba Kiani
  Oct 2014 Manny
the past i've lived
in tomorrow's arms it rests

my paper wings
arrayed in flames to brave the test

a goodly sort of ghost
a wraith of salt

my core of clay
a collapsed ******* ~ halt

of reasoning lax
a cipher sea ~ a sequence black

a great metaphor of fool
a mine of lack

oh! brave young innocence is lost!

heaven earth and hell
traversed at such a cost!

the seeds the weeds
have grown tall glass construction

i bless the first
and leave last to corruption

however have the
bitter tears turned hands to rust

how do the dregs of past
turn holy wine to


catherine jarvis
(C) october 14, 2014
I have a past.
It could come back to haunt me.

The mistakes of my past
I cannot rectify totally
I just have to live an honest life.
Perhaps the futility of the past
Will only serve to be an
Impetus to future growth.
Manny Jul 2014
Your bloodshot eyes
your heart wrenching cries
your terrified screams
your suicidal dreams
your uncontrollable gasps for air
your stringy, limp strands of hair
The arched movement of your vertebrate
The silent, lonely corners where you go to contemplate
Your weak and feeble stance
Your affectionate romance
Your odour of camouflaged sadness
Your fear of your own madness
Your electric shock waves making you jolt
Your denial of sugar and of salt
The panic rise in your brain you sense
The moment of relapse, for the pain to cease and the calm to commence.
Written  18/5/14 13:55pm

(C) Maniba Kiani
  Jul 2014 Manny
Isn't it funny how I need you,
But you don't need me?
Without you, I cannot glow.
Without you, my colors will not show.
Why are you so selfish?
Why is it that
When you go down
You take me below with you?
When you don't shine, you dim the stage
So no one shines but you.
But why not let the stargazers
See some other colors too?
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