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Daydreaming Oct 2019
it ebbs and flows
it ebbs and flows
my dear, i’m throwing myself upon the ocean’s surface
not sure in which one of the great seven;

in a song it once mentioned
‘no one is as gentle as the seas’
are they really though?
it hasn’t been really nice to me— it’s alright
funny, i never liked the mystery underneath;

All i know is the blue indigo spreading across as if there is no end to it — endlessly
All i know is the sound of the tide crashing the poor old reef;

it ebbs and flows
it ebbs and flows
i succumbed again this time to this great body of water—
i  gave permission for the next round of the great wave to just engulf me— slow enough to let me breathe in for a second,
before it— ;

it ebbs and flows
it ebbs and flows
guess i’m already down below
All i know my lungs about to blow
All i know the lights went low;
  Nov 2018 Daydreaming
Everything looks strange
Everything feels strange
Everything smells strange
Everything tastes strange
With the new strange,
the version changes.
Daydreaming Nov 2018
You aren’t supposed to be here, inside my head
crawling unknowingly without permission,
how dare you mister?
Even my subconscious painted you, inside of it
go away!
Did i accidentally nailed your presence there?
this doesn't make sense but it does to me
Daydreaming Jul 2018
What are you ? Other than a living and breathing being
What are you ? Other than a perfectly shaped stacks of bones
What are you ? Other than a piece made by millions of millions of atoms
What are you ? Other than a soul with needs and desires
What are you ? Other than a pico-sized matter in this world we called our 'Universe'
What are you ?
So what are you?
we may never know the answer yet,
Have you ever just laid on your back
Fingers in the grass
And your heart in your ears?

A thumping song in your skull,
The pulse and vibration
Of your hopes and your fears?

The noise keeps me grounded
It helps me to remember
That I am still here.

Or are we just dust
Adrift in the wind
A colorful dust of smiles and tears.

But if I was stardust
I'd live in the sky
And I'd keep my heart near,

Because I love my
Full body heartbeat
And I rely upon,
The song in my ears.
The heart in my chest, is never at rest.
  Apr 2018 Daydreaming
keep me in a space
small enough to keep close
and reach into
whenever you need something
and small enough
to forget about
out of sight
gone for now
wait and wait
and wait
for that moment where you remember
i was always there
in that too-small, small enough space
never out of reach
easily accessible
easily forgotten
use me like it doesn't matter
treat me like i'm small
wait and wait and
waiting still
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