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i skipped down the hallway
with a smile on my face.

i nearly slipped,
but grabbed hold of reality just in time.

- v.m
almost completely based on a true story.

it's such a brilliant day, and that made me happy inside - so i happily walked to the kitchen and almost slipped on the wooden floor. the counter saved me, but now i'm significantly less happy.

hope your day's going great though.
it's at night -

when the world is still,
when the only sound echoing through your mind is the ticking of the clock,
when everyone is asleep -

that things really start to feel more alive than ever.

- v.m
my thoughts are alive at night and i hate it.
have you ever thought about positivity
from a pessimist's perspective?

it's not exactly days filled with blue skies, friendship, and laughter.

not always bright smiles, and the colour yellow.

it's simply being able to stand up and carry on after constantly being knocked down by your own thoughts.

it's knowing that even though you're not feeling great today, happiness is on its way.

- v.m
happy world positive thinking day
that sometimes, when i say "i'm fine",
i don't mean "save me" -
i mean i can figure it out on my own

- v.m
anxiety is a bish sometimes.
not everyone will truly understand
everything you have to offer -

and that's okay.

you're an anagram;
only a selected few get to know the real you -

the perfected and improving sides
to a complex, yet beautiful masterpiece.

- v.m
i'm not quite sure how i feel about this.
your shadow
means that you
are in the way
of sunshine.

why else do you think it's so dark?
you evil little human.

- v.m
i saw my shadow and felt bad for the poor sun. she's trying her best, really.
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