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in 1992, a child is born
and handed a gift.

he opens the box labelled "life"
and examines its contents.

a blanket hand-stitched
with hope, perseverance,
and comfort

draped over a teddy bear
stuffed with fearful nightmares,
and heartache.

a blue jar labelled "sadness",
containing fluttering butterflies
symbolizing joy.

a ticket for the rollercoaster
he's finally tall enough to ride,
with no warning
of the endless ups and downs.

that two-minute rush
of adrenaline
followed by hours
of motion sickness.

this child
is now twenty six.

he is staring at the empty
box labelled "life" -

at the worn-out blanket
lying next to
the teddy bear's stuffing -

at the shards of blue glass
and butterfly corpses -

at the torn up carnival ticket.

he regrets ever accepting this gift.

- v.m
this is a very real story of a very fictional box and a very non-fictional human.

now, this very real ultra violet remarkeyable is here to tell you that you have been given your very own box labelled "life" for your very own unique reason. all you have to do is discover what that reason is. only then, i think, will you truly appreciate your very unique little box.

my butterflies are alive and well. i hope yours are too.
your shadow
means that you
are in the way
of sunshine.

why else do you think it's so dark?
you evil little human.

- v.m
i saw my shadow and felt bad for the poor sun. she's trying her best, really.
it's at night -

when the world is still,
when the only sound echoing through your mind is the ticking of the clock,
when everyone is asleep -

that things really start to feel more alive than ever.

- v.m
my thoughts are alive at night and i hate it.
not everyone will truly understand
everything you have to offer -

and that's okay.

you're an anagram;
only a selected few get to know the real you -

the perfected and improving sides
to a complex, yet beautiful masterpiece.

- v.m
i'm not quite sure how i feel about this.
thoughts from february fourteenth;

No one else alone, just me. Hence the word alone.
Only my dreams to send a rose to.

NO, no thank you. Love is not for me.
I'm perfectly fine being with myself.
have you ever thought about positivity
from a pessimist's perspective?

it's not exactly days filled with blue skies, friendship, and laughter.

not always bright smiles, and the colour yellow.

it's simply being able to stand up and carry on after constantly being knocked down by your own thoughts.

it's knowing that even though you're not feeling great today, happiness is on its way.

- v.m
happy world positive thinking day
Brightening dull days,
Putting smiles on sad faces.
Bringing out your
c r e a t i v i t y .
there are days when the sun
hides behind curtains of cotton candy.

she's afraid of being judged too.
she thinks the moon won't like her.

on other days though,
she doesn't care.

she pushes through the cloudy barrier,
and shines.

she doesn't realise
that there's an entire solar system
cheering her on.

that people live for the days
where she appears
bringing happiness with every ray of sunshine.

- v.m
the sun seems sad today.
One small change
Can make an enormous difference.

What you thought would be okay
Turned you against the world.

1. it's that flash
of inspiration
adding colour
to your blank thoughts.

2. it's that exhilarating feeling
of creating something -
of actually creating something -
with your endless procrastination.

3. it's your canvas
being filled with splatters
of paint and glitter.

4. it's art.

- v.m
an updated version of my 2016 "art" poem ✨.
Unlike all the general stereotypes,
Unlike the degrading things people say,
There's an extraordinarily amazing continent
Filled with aesthetically pleasing beauty,
And music making the laziest of people dance.
Bright and bubbly, giving us energy.
People here use their bodies
To express themselves where words fail.
Incredibly fascinating movements for hours on end,
That interest people who would otherwise be endlessly bored.
[African Groove]
i'm more afraid
of the darkness in my head
of those switched-off lights.
ive found my soulmate. help.
Your eyes focus on her astounding beauty,
Admiring her magnificent curled hair;
As her head begins to slowly turn.
You stare for a while,
Hoping to have found your soulmate.
Unaware of the dreadful consequences awaiting.

You meet her gaze.

Suddenly you realize that they were right:

Looks can ****.
you "know" me.
but you don't know me.

the me you know,
is a bright, introverted mess.
an artist with a touch of glitter.
a stranger.

i, on the other hand,
am dull on both the inside,
and outside.
my emotion is yet to be determined
even by me.
and negativity is the highlight
of my personality.

you don't know me -
you don't want to know me.

- v.m
how lovely it is,
to be the brightness everyone needs when they're alone and empty.

how lovely it is,
to bring happiness and positivity with even a glimpse of your smile.

how lovely it is,
to love you.

- v.m
happy birthday little bird ✨.
jordan is a star athlete,
envied by all
on the opposing teams.

jordan is also creative,
and intelligent,
and an all-round amazing

jordan is strong,
and powerful,

but also delicate
and emotional.

jordan wants you to know
that she doesn't have to
conform to gender stereotypes.

she knows her place in
this world -

she knows that her place is
wherever she wants it to be.

she is independent
and doesn't need your negativity :)

- v.m
august 8th.
happy women's day!
jordan and i want you to know how amazing you're doing. have yourself an amazing day/night/morning/evening & sparkle like the unicorn you are !

[this was sort of inspired by an ad i saw on instagram a few weeks ago.]
there's a game, that you always let me win.

the game that i want to lose,
maybe even just once.
but that never happens.

"i love you more".

- v.m
i love you more.
Wandering around;
Nowhere to go.
Watching as people pass by;
Smiling and laughing together;
Leaving me alone with no home.
some things in life
are about as meaningful
as a pencil without lead.

- v.m
gonnna try to subtly return to this "poetry" thing over the next week or so ✨.
that sometimes, when i say "i'm fine",
i don't mean "save me" -
i mean i can figure it out on my own

- v.m
anxiety is a bish sometimes.
just like popcorn -

those soft, incredible clouds
appearing from what
once was

rock -

my thoughts are formed.

out of nowhere,
another pops into my mind,
joining it's fellow corns,

only to later

be consumed,
and discarded

by people who


- v.m
i was eating popcorn, then this happened.
the sun
leaves the earth
with bright red,

preceding seemingly endless darkness.

only to return
with splashes of
pink and orange

giving rise to yet another beautiful day.

- v. m
your favorite colour is back after a few months of nothingness
her eyes glistened
with the light of
a thousand stars.

they told me
she was not enough.

her scars were painted
across her canvas called skin -
each one unique to itself.

they desperately
cried out for help.

her glossed lips smiled softly,
pulling her ****** features
into a jovial facade;
allowing a melodious
voice to fill the air

it said
"i'm okay, thank you for asking."

- v.m
she is incredible and doesn't deserve to feel like anything less. she is you. you are incredible. keep reminding yourself of this until you believe it.
I see her,
The bright light,
Amongst her friends
In a faraway place.

I breathe for a minute,
And the flashback starts...

I'm with her,
And she's upset
Because she has to leave.

She fakes a smile
And walks away.
My heart drops to my feet;
I just lost my best friend.

My thoughts return to reality
Although I'd rather just stay
In the fantasy land
Lost inside my mind.

I can't escape from this world again,
So I try to make the best of it.

I call her name,
Over and over,
But she doesn't notice
That I am standing here.

People walk by
With their judging glares.

And I realize
I'm just a crazy person
Screaming at the night sky.
She had a whirling hurricane
Raging inside her

He was as still
As a ship on a peaceful ocean

Their worlds collided
And never had there been a better match
For he was the calm to her storm
Only three more days of torture **
i skipped down the hallway
with a smile on my face.

i nearly slipped,
but grabbed hold of reality just in time.

- v.m
almost completely based on a true story.

it's such a brilliant day, and that made me happy inside - so i happily walked to the kitchen and almost slipped on the wooden floor. the counter saved me, but now i'm significantly less happy.

hope your day's going great though.
in solitary confinement -

with the key to the exit
in your reach -

with nowhere to go
and no one to meet -

with nothing to do,
besides watching seconds,
evolve into minutes,
evolve into hours,
evolve into days.

would you leave?

- v.m
i'm honestly not sure what this is.
i have nothing to do so yeah
she asked
"is the true reason
for existence?"

the room fell silent,
and all smiles faded.

"That, my dear,
is a question rising
in the minds of
all beings. It's
up to you to answer that
based on your own life.
No human can tell another
why they are alive. We
all merely live for the sake of
living, and die for the sake of
What happens in between is up to
Guess who's back,
back again
because when the last light bulb burns out, and when the fire in your heart gets extinguished -

only then will you learn how to overcome the darkness.

- v.m
don't think about that test you're sure to fail. don't think about not getting in to your dream university. don't think about spending your entire life working at mcdonalds. you do you. don't do future you. you are not your past, nor are you your future. live for right now. tell your friends and family you love them. give your sibling a hug. you never know what the future holds - and i think that's an extremely good thing. thank you, and goodbye ✨.
At first
You don't realise
Exactly what is happening.

Then suddenly
Everything changes.

Your days get brighter
Your smile gets bigger
And your world just becomes

All it takes
Is one person
To make your life
Worth living.

Because sometimes
You meet someone
And your whole universe
Just comes into focus.
where most people
lack kindness
and where kind people
lack friends.

- where lying is the new truth
and orange is the new black.

- where people are taught
that in order to be loved
by their knight in shining armour,
they need to hate themselves first.

- in which we exist,
not for ourselves,
but for the sake of our fellow inhabitants.

we live in an amazing world -
but perhaps you can't see that
because of the people who hold you
trapped behind the bars of society.

- v.m
inspired by a conversation i had w/ my future wife.
van gogh
ate something toxic
in hopes of becoming

while others
simply sit around
being sad.

- v.m
imma use the inktober prompt list for my poetry as well. if you want to see my actual inktober sketches, go to @eleanorafelix on instagram ✨.
why hurricanes are named
after people, not things.

- v.m
short start to a busy day

— The End —