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Jazlyn Jordan Sep 2020
At night while in bed
You lie awake with dread
But dream sleepy head

Can't Sleep.

I just can’t sleep

Can I Call?

No not today...

I'm At My Limit.

My head hurts
Will it ever stop?
School is fine right now
But my heart isn't
I'm at my limit
Elsie Greek Apr 2020
Onions peel off
Layers by layers
In a disarmingly
Bittersweet way.
It's like personas
Their players,
Let crusty skins
Come over
As ****** moths
Tenderly knitting
A warm deadly
Over the moon.
It's like everyone
Eagerly laying
Crosses over naughts
In a human
Para bellum.
it's at night -

when the world is still,
when the only sound echoing through your mind is the ticking of the clock,
when everyone is asleep -

that things really start to feel more alive than ever.

- v.m
my thoughts are alive at night and i hate it.
Sam Yarbrough Jan 2016
The day lights are turning down
a dark citrus sky
4: 38 pm, just as predicted
The clouds are orange with snow

Rain jacket
polyester pants
Where are my gloves?
I'm going for a walk.

Uphill towards the woods
it seems
my feet are one step ahead of me
my legs know where to go

I know there are no lights to guide me.
I know Jesse said there was a bear yesterday,
just down the street.
I know I have no protection.

But I'm at the edge of the woods now
and I feel them beckon
Is it the trees?
Is it me?
I have to walk this path.

I can feel each step
more hesitant than the last
My stride, stalling

I'm getting closer
my eyes scan the darkness
producing shapes of beasts
that aren't there
I have to walk this path.

I flip my hood onto my back
I need to hear.
I stuff my  beanie into my pocket
I flex my ears to listen.
Every sense is at attention.
Is that my heart beat?

Far enough, I decide.
I stop to see
slow-falling snow.
A forest of dusky pines wavering in the wind.
A swirl berry sky.

My fear has turned to wonder.
My eyes are that of a camera
each blink-
the shudder of a snapshot.

I stop and look back
three times, on my way out
swearing to never forget
how exhilarating it is
to be alive.
I have to walk this path.

— The End —