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Jun 2021 · 404
Gary Cuming Jun 2021
Thunder roars through the empty halls
Lost, forbidden, in the dreams of the dead
Desolation descends to answer the call
Of petulance, compunction and dread

The horror of the night, haunts the moon
As it shines on the blackness of life
Earth disembowelled by all it consumes
Distorting truth, fouling Gods paradise

Death reigns hard, as love is defiled
His cloak bleeds a bleakness entire
The light of the world, left broken, beguiled
Transformed to filth, desperation, to fire
Jun 2021 · 452
Tap. Tap.
Gary Cuming Jun 2021
Tap. Tap.
Distant sound from above
Kept silent within a fragile soul
Tap. Tap.
Drowned out through fear and love
A wind beyond a persons control

Tap. Tap.
The baying of the storm
Branches frolicking on every gust
Tap. Tap.
Long shadows start to form
Fickle weather displays it’s disgust

Tap. Tap.
When will it cease?
How does the window not shatter every time?
Tap. Tap
Darkness within, fearing a release
As the peace is shattered in my mind

Tap. Tap.
Glass explodes within its rage
The storm whistles through empty eyes
Tap. Tap.
Anger escapes its fiery cage
Smashing all that it touches with its cries

Tap. Tap.
The storm is let loose
The fire, the fury, the furore
Tap. Tap
Through insatiable abuse
Frustration angrily reaches its glory

Tap. Tap.
There’s nowhere to turn.
No escape from the pain it spreads
Tap. Tap.
As the world starts to burn
All placations are torn to shreds

Tap. Tap.
The clouds roll past and the winds subside
As tranquility restores the mind
Tap. Tap.
Regrets form like tears and fall like pride
Promising no more, promising nothing. No next time.

Tap. Tap.
Feb 2021 · 104
For Clare
Gary Cuming Feb 2021
Nightmares diminish in the depths of my dreams
As the sun breaks the mournful night
The day envelopes the lonesome sky
Darkness open it’s wings and takes flight

The beauty of the dew, sparkling in the light
The warmth of the radiated heat
The splendour of life marching forth
In comparison is a futile feat

For the beauty of a beginning
Can never compare to the smile that wakens my heart
The sun can’t outshine the love in your eyes
Or the grace you had from the start

Without the sun, without the moon, without the stars above
We will always be bathed in light,
Because of your kindness, your love.

You bring me so much everyday
You bring me joy and laughter
You bring my feet back to the ground
You are my ever after
Feb 2021 · 731
Gary Cuming Feb 2021
Painful embers stab the dark
Of pain too rich to bear
Callous flames, beguile a heart
Left stained by acrid air
Dreams denied by rancid thoughts
On lips too vain to care
Lifetimes lost in frozen eyes
A soul beyond repair
Feb 2021 · 283
Helter Skelter
Gary Cuming Feb 2021
Climb the steps, one by one
Feel the breeze refresh me
Hands can nearly touch the sun
Golden rays drip down around me

Love and splendour encases my heart
With the world shining out all its glory
A brand new day, a glimmering start
New beginnings, new days, new story

Top of the slide, secure on the mat
Fluttering lungs fill up with excitement
The world whizzes by with a song in my heart
Slipping forward towards my contentment

Faster I go, slithering side to side
I struggle to grasp a breath
Plummeting down on this endless ride
Catching up with shame and regret

Down and down the light disappears
And darkness consumes every turn
Losing sense of myself and fuelled by fear
My insides begin to churn

No life and no love, no heart and no soul
Confusion, despair and resentment
The mat slips away as I lose control
The metal fulfils it’s defilement.

Further down I go, to torturous pain
To ignorance, to loss, to desperation.
The blackness of the night cuts through me again.
Beyond hope , beyond love, beyond rejection

The descent abates as the end draws in
Left unwanted, broken and apart
Needing life, needing love, needing somewhere to begin
Like an ending that needs a start

Through floundering thoughts, gasping for air
A moment of clarity shines
Your angelic voice rings through my despair
One word. One beautiful word. ‘Climb’
Feb 2021 · 103
Gary Cuming Feb 2021
Days began and nights would turn
Through endless cycles of despair
The living dream, compelled by hope,
Carried away and lost in ethereal life.

Shattered byways that led to want and love
Broken by lies and embittered deceit
With the emptiness rotting inside.

Frustration abounded and sank In my heart
Fulfilment seemed to slip through fingers
As the quicksand of denial, swallowed my soul,
Leaving nothing but ruin and resentment

But a vision appeared;  an intangible soul
Glistening in from the darkness.
A scent of purity, a touch of truth
That could lift me from petulant disease.

The strength of you followed, with a passion ignored, igniting a burning desire, left forbidden and closed in my dreams.
A sparkle of life, endured by hope, captured  a heart that was lonely and discarded.

A spirit renewed by beauty unseen,  revelled in desire, acceptance and love
Life reaffirmed

Soul to heart
Heart to soul
The touch of your hand
The warmth of your smile,  
remains after Ophelias rage
Feb 2021 · 592
Behind the Smiles
Gary Cuming Feb 2021
Behind the lies and painted smiles
Lies wounds that cannot heal
The tormented ache of a forgotten world
And a heart that can no longer feel

The outward laugh, a forgotten touch
Defy the darkness inside
The horror of a mind debauched and lost
In a pool of tears, uncried

A quick embrace and wanten love
Beleaguered by apathy and grime
A soulless mess, a repulsive truth.
Evil lingering in an languid mind
Feb 2021 · 473
The Storm Inside
Gary Cuming Feb 2021
When I’m sad the sun sets and clouds roll in
When I’m sad the world’s cold and grey
When the rain lashes down
With its somber, lonely sound
When I’m sad the worlds not okay

When I’m angry and annoyed the storm rages on
When I’m angry clouds beat on their chest
Sharp light in the skies
Piercing through my closed eyes
When I’m angry I simply can’t rest

When I’m afraid and unsure the darkness descends
When I’m afraid I feel all alone
Black shadows all around
Crawling, slithering sounds
When I’m afraid I’m all on my own

When I’m happy and content the sun shines bright
When I’m happy the meadows will grow
Joy exudes from my heart
Friends never apart
When I’m happy I want all to know

When I’m thrilled the snow falls and blankets the ground
When I’m thrilled the worlds a canvas before me
Snow angels and sledge fun
Building snowmen with everyone
When I’m thrilled it’s like Christmas is upon me

When I’m confused the fog falls and obstructs my view
When I’m confused I can’t see my own thoughts
Lost in my own mind
With no roads and no signs
When I’m confused the worlds merely a blot

For the feelings we all have are never wrong
They change like the weather before us
To get through to the light
We must endure the cold
The storms
and night
For all that we feel makes us, us
Feb 2021 · 197
Love; death
Gary Cuming Feb 2021
Shimmering lights dance in her eyes
Shimmering lights cannot dispel
Like the fire inside my soul
A cold darkness that grasps at my soul
A velvet touch cannot disguise
Persistent beeps, and sanitised smells
Two hearts that yearn to be whole
Infesting a heart that I stole

Beneath the fabric of power and love
Unfaltering floors with a sinister gleam
Sensations fulfil every void
Stare through me with revulsion rejoiced
Two foolish lives surpass and evolve
Machines fall foul with a ghoulish scream
Through a union that can’t be destroyed
All my words collide
Gravity tears inside
All hope, all prayers unvoiced

Shadows retreat from snow filled days
Anaesthetic smiles surround my dreams
Crisp and clean, our futures laid bare
As my heart rips my throat and my core
Eternity whispers, forever always
Abandoned and lost, and torn at the seams
Together; everyday; everywhere.
Alone, broken, defeated, no more
Oct 2020 · 61
Gary Cuming Oct 2020
Life is
Life is pure
Life is pure torture
Life is pure torture with you
Love is
Love is freedom
Love is freedom denied
Love is freedom denied by you
Hope is
Hope is eternal
Hope is eternally gone
Hope is eternally gone in you
Death is
Death is coming
Death is coming fast
Death is coming fast for you.
Sep 2020 · 98
Love is...
Gary Cuming Sep 2020
Love is peace
That burns with desire,
The passion can char your soul.
Love is free
And the payment required,
To give and to embrace a soul

Love is blind
It sees into your heart
At the kindness, the beauty within.
Love is hope
That despairs when we part
And yearns for your arms to return

Love is calm
It torments the head
It breaks and it shatters your pride
Love is hard
As it softens instead
The wasteful tears you’ve cried

Love is fire
That quenches your trust
And consumes your body, your mind
Love is wild
As it tames your lust
And fills your heart every time

Love is you
You are all I that I need
Your star shines bright through the day
Love is me
My soul,
it is freed
With your passion burning my way

Love is us
You were worth the wait
With your fingers entwined in mine
Love is us
Our lives steeped in fate
Eternity together,
forever combined
Sep 2020 · 116
For you
Gary Cuming Sep 2020
When crowds disappear and the sun never sets
When shadows fall further behind you
When Christmas lights shine like my heart in my chest
Bathed in the splendour, I will find you

As each day breaks and when night shines black
And the stars dance brightly before you
As each touch shivers, the souls of the lost
In the eyes of an angel, I will see you

From the depths of the seas, water embraces the shore
Amidst the blankets of blossoms grown for you
In each whisper of wind, with every leaf swept home
Through the eye of the storm, I will hold you

From every inch of my heart, From every crack in my soul
Seeps my life
weeps my world
I love you
Aug 2020 · 84
An Ending
Gary Cuming Aug 2020
Nothings new
Nothings the same
Nobody yearning
No one to blame
Pretentious thoughts
Relentless smiles
Bloodthirsty thoughts
Sinless flesh defiled
                                                         ­       It hurts
Pointless meetings
Insipid friends
Effusive pretenders
Matching the trend
World keeps turning
Illusions are gone
Within the abyss
The demons belong
                                                          ­ I’m scared
Watching from the shadows
Eyes glazed with sweat and fear
Dripping with anticipation
The reckoning draws ever near
Every muscle turns into venom
Every nerve stabs at my chest
Every breath secretes a wanting
Every inch, every piece, possessed
                                             I want to go home
The darkness elicits it’s own revulsion as the ***** becomes one with the night.
Chaos bleeds its emancipation, as hysteria shrouds the light
Cold metal evokes a black compulsion, that thrives within a mask of desire
Salt water entices the sinister passion
Oozing dreadful love, dank and dire
                        Please. No. Please. No. Please.
A sweet sound fills every moment
Divinity within every touch
Lifetimes pass as stars are reborn
Delightful whimpers destroy the hush
                                               Please. I beg you.
Nothing’s real
Nothing’s fun
Same old morning
Same old sun
Lifeless morning
Worthless day
Deathly palour
Cold and grey
                                                            ­              ...
Aug 2020 · 69
Reflections of Love
Gary Cuming Aug 2020
Hope cannot save what’s forgotten with age
As the moonlight clandestinely shines.
Pieces of souls, washed up on the shores
Laughing gleefully at the passing of time

Abandoned dreams sink beneath the sand
On which fateful footsteps once tread
Years rage on, crashing silently on rocks
Where despair and weakness once led.

Reflections of love rise up from the deep
With the promise of daylights return
Passionate waves. caress the shore
As the darkness ebbs and turns

Blue skies replace the vacuum above
As your eyes fill up all that I know
Future fulfilled in the sea of my heart
As the banks of my joy overflow
Aug 2020 · 161
Gary Cuming Aug 2020
Shallow waters seldom hide the blackened sand below

Rocks and land, erodes in tides, defiled by ebb and flow

The calmest waters, clouded up, by a river built on lies

The purest shores, shrouded over, engulfs an isle that cries

The years weep past, the time goes by, the waters seldom turn

Every second bleeds, through wasted lives, the oceans start to burn

As memories close and the truth is lost in waves of spite and shame

Hope breaks through, no matter the cost, drowning eons of blame

The storm batters on and the swell can’t contain

the depths of the ocean below

The current rips across all the doubt and the pain

As the strong waters start to flow

The tide starts to turn and fresh water renews

The life force inside the abyss

Resurgent, re-splendid, the water refuses

To be held back, to be held down.

Aug 2020 · 126
Gary Cuming Aug 2020
Shadows of a face I see
Pain oozing beyond every pore
Blissful smells
mocking empty arms
Worthless words that shatter my core

Shadows reflect in the mirror for me
Dust resting in places not seen
Unnoticed stains
Caress faded floors
Memories blurring from what could have been

Shadows saturate the world that I see
Dying embers of defeated hope
Tainted blood
Cavorting through veins
Stoking despair in a heart that can’t cope

Shadows fill up a void in me
A darkness no one can know
A singular thought
A black, sparkling want
Wretched notions arise from below

Shadows of a face I’ve seen
Hurt dancing like fire in my eyes
Gut wrenching cracks
A slither of pain
Swinging lifeless, my soul no longer cries
Aug 2020 · 306
Gary Cuming Aug 2020
Life began,
as autumn fell,
And the leaves turned to ice on the pavement.
Shadows shortened,
The earth went stale
And cold darkness filled every moment

As summer arrived
And the earth turned bleak
Despair peppered the path laid before me
Water pelted the earth
And the leaves turned weak,
Littered corpses of love strewn beneath me

Lost and alone,
With a grimacing soul
Trading pieces of me with the seasons
Futures wasted on hate,
Dreams darkened in cold,
Winter ripping my mind of all reason

Night fled the sky
And the shadows retracted
Darkness left, to you standing above me
Empowering my hope,
With devotion requited
And a future that stretched far beyond me

Your hands were soft
And the warmth of your smile
Lit fires behind eyes that were lonely
Your taste and your touch
Stretched metres to miles
Giving love. Giving hope. Giving glory

All I wanted was you
All I hoped for was you,
Our lives are a journey together
From season to months
Your strength sees me through
With a love that will last til forever
Aug 2020 · 167
Gary Cuming Aug 2020
Blackened eyes reflect the venom
That burned beneath your veins.
Acrid breaths, defend the lies
Of a life you soiled and stained
Conceited smile to manipulate a fool,
To bend and shatter the goodness.
Masquerading as Hope,
Disguised as love
Defiled the light to sadness

Left stumbling for air
Left needing a heart
Left broken, left consumed, left abandoned
Conformed to the night,
Darkness consumes, lost sight
Of my life
Of my dreams
Broken, forgotten, stranded

But fire can’t forget
the disgusting torment
The subjugation,the humiliation, the laughter
It’ll burn through the pain, igniting the shame
Fuelled by frustration, by hate and by anger

And you’ll ******* burn
Aug 2020 · 66
Empty Hands
Gary Cuming Aug 2020
Pain exists inside the heart
That mourns the missing day
Emptiness, holding all that’s lost,
Fingers white, grasping air, slipping away

Darkness surrounds all we see,
Shadows stolen from what could have been
Extinguish a flame, smoke filling our souls
As expectance is hidden and unseen

Embers remain in the sorrowful ash
As the wind lifts up the light of our eyes
The heat reignites, in the kindling of love
As the beautiful flames dull the cries

In all that we do, in all the we are
The fire will never be quelled
Insurmountable hearts, unfettered love
With a yearning of life to be held

— The End —