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Feb 2021
Climb the steps, one by one
Feel the breeze refresh me
Hands can nearly touch the sun
Golden rays drip down around me

Love and splendour encases my heart
With the world shining out all its glory
A brand new day, a glimmering start
New beginnings, new days, new story

Top of the slide, secure on the mat
Fluttering lungs fill up with excitement
The world whizzes by with a song in my heart
Slipping forward towards my contentment

Faster I go, slithering side to side
I struggle to grasp a breath
Plummeting down on this endless ride
Catching up with shame and regret

Down and down the light disappears
And darkness consumes every turn
Losing sense of myself and fuelled by fear
My insides begin to churn

No life and no love, no heart and no soul
Confusion, despair and resentment
The mat slips away as I lose control
The metal fulfils it’s defilement.

Further down I go, to torturous pain
To ignorance, to loss, to desperation.
The blackness of the night cuts through me again.
Beyond hope , beyond love, beyond rejection

The descent abates as the end draws in
Left unwanted, broken and apart
Needing life, needing love, needing somewhere to begin
Like an ending that needs a start

Through floundering thoughts, gasping for air
A moment of clarity shines
Your angelic voice rings through my despair
One word. One beautiful word. β€˜Climb’
Written by
Gary Cuming
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