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Feb 2021
Days began and nights would turn
Through endless cycles of despair
The living dream, compelled by hope,
Carried away and lost in ethereal life.

Shattered byways that led to want and love
Broken by lies and embittered deceit
With the emptiness rotting inside.

Frustration abounded and sank In my heart
Fulfilment seemed to slip through fingers
As the quicksand of denial, swallowed my soul,
Leaving nothing but ruin and resentment

But a vision appeared;  an intangible soul
Glistening in from the darkness.
A scent of purity, a touch of truth
That could lift me from petulant disease.

The strength of you followed, with a passion ignored, igniting a burning desire, left forbidden and closed in my dreams.
A sparkle of life, endured by hope, captured  a heart that was lonely and discarded.

A spirit renewed by beauty unseen,  revelled in desire, acceptance and love
Life reaffirmed

Soul to heart
Heart to soul
The touch of your hand
The warmth of your smile,  
remains after Ophelias rage
Written by
Gary Cuming
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