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Feb 2021
Nightmares diminish in the depths of my dreams
As the sun breaks the mournful night
The day envelopes the lonesome sky
Darkness open it’s wings and takes flight

The beauty of the dew, sparkling in the light
The warmth of the radiated heat
The splendour of life marching forth
In comparison is a futile feat

For the beauty of a beginning
Can never compare to the smile that wakens my heart
The sun can’t outshine the love in your eyes
Or the grace you had from the start

Without the sun, without the moon, without the stars above
We will always be bathed in light,
Because of your kindness, your love.

You bring me so much everyday
You bring me joy and laughter
You bring my feet back to the ground
You are my ever after
Written by
Gary Cuming
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