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love poem
"where love is a wave that splashes on the sand"

when a heart
the stars surrender
to the heavens,
the moon catches her breath
and the avenues
of silence become
voice. i follow the
path to my love,
i die for him,
i live for him,
like a spartan
in the heat of battle,
like a flower in the

from my book
 Mar 2019 angele
olivia marie
 Mar 2019 angele
olivia marie
its so easy
to place the blame on
the others you hate

the blame for our mistakes
our sadness
our insignificance

but is it really them

or is the smoking gun
our own hands
 Mar 2019 angele
Jade Welch
 Mar 2019 angele
Jade Welch
He called me perfect,
and for a moment
all of my flaws disappeared.
 Mar 2019 angele
Jade Welch
I once loved something
that was filled with evil.

And that scares me, more than anything.
 Mar 2019 angele
Araoluwa Jacob
I told him I was tired
He asked, "of what?"
I said, "Everything"
He told me to erase it from my mind
"Including us?" I asked.
 Mar 2019 angele
Jade Welch
Did she save you...
Pick up your pieces and fit them back together oh, so perfectly?

Did she save you?
Or were you just too afraid to be alone?
maybe we feel so empty
because we leave pieces
of ourselves with the people we once loved
i left my heart with you
 Mar 2019 angele
The decision was final
But it wasn't mine.

An empty womb
An empty tomb

Not sure if it was their death
or mine?
 Mar 2019 angele
F*ck me over
 Mar 2019 angele
Lick my lips
Cradle my face
Gaze into my eyes
And tell me I'm safe
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