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olivia marie Apr 2019
my sins are destroying me
tearing at me piece by piece,
all my mistakes and my hopes
my hopes that reach up to the sun like Icarus on wax wings,
destined to burn up in the cosmos and send me plummeting
round and round i go on this carousal of my demons
its all in my head but i cant stop it
maybe next time i just wont fly so high
olivia marie Mar 2019
you took my trust
my naive love

and you betrayed them

you ravaged them

until all that was left
were shattered pieces

my soul once was
olivia marie Mar 2019
the feeling
that you are not loved
is indescribable

a continual absence
a feeling deep in my chest
that something is simply not there

a feeling i wouldn't wish
upon my worst demons

but it is not true
and though i tell my self
every day
it is not true

i don't believe it
olivia marie Mar 2019
its so easy
to place the blame on
the others you hate

the blame for our mistakes
our sadness
our insignificance

but is it really them

or is the smoking gun
our own hands
olivia marie Mar 2019
i remember when
was always just a temporary thing
when being high
was just swinging on the playground
a simple kiss
was a magical, scary thing
and not the beginning of a bad decision
death was just a bad dream
and school was a safe place
i remember when I was young
and life didn't seem
like a balancing act
with nothing
my feet
olivia marie Mar 2019
i miss the stars
of last summer
the death of my childhood
kissed goodbye
drank away
under those stars

— The End —