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 Feb 2021 soliana
It’s rare to find
people who

 Feb 2021 soliana
 Feb 2021 soliana
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
 Jan 2021 soliana
i found u in the white of my fears
it was the feeling of being floating at the heart of nightly skies,
where u, sparkling star, followed me,
not realizing that we'd be immortalized

as much as i could get away,
a dark hole took us a way to the other galaxy

a world alone,
where the rain fills the craters of your face
i flood myself into fright,
when the creek gave me back and asked me to hold you

the feeling has become an addiction,
a secret language
the awkwardness made building,
a concrete denial

without aim to define
i arrest u
i arrest me
at an endless moment
instagram: @sobexrz
 Jan 2021 soliana
all those times you said i was in your dreams
smoking through the midnight streets in a cadillac
why did you jump through the windows?

gasoline in my hands
cigarette in my hands
crashing a beautiful car
burning a whole world

at least both of us got hurt

teeth biting skins
you can't against soul tattoos

wind in my hair
getting away those blue dreams that came from a ***** heart
at least both of us got hurt
getting close those fruit trees when we got clean hearts
at least both of us got hurt

That introvert girl who loves solitude,
Simple girl that have a nice attitude.
A genuine person with a gratitude,
Just like an angel, elevating on altitude

She's one of the girls in high school
Different from those fool
At first glance she's cool
But she's stronger than a bull.

That introvert girl full of mystery
It's hard to understand her story
A riddle always brings misery
Need to answer to leads you on victory

It's hard to know an introvert person
She's always on her comfort zone
Its easier for her to talk on phone
That introvert girl love's to be alone.


That introvert girl
who likes to be alone
You might think shes cold
But shes a nice person

Shes so Beautiful
Like a morning light
Shes so kind
Like a silent night

She's not telling a joke
But she makes me laugh
She's not my ideal type
But she makes me fall in love.
Its easier for her to talk on phone
That introvert girl loves to be alone
 Jan 2021 soliana
 Jan 2021 soliana
I found perfection
In every flaws you possessed
In every faults
And every little mistakes you did

I found peace
Within your chaos
In your storm
And a passageway
Of love
In the cracks of your broken heart

- Juju
 Jan 2021 soliana
David P Carroll
The Morning is shining
Bright sun shining
Bright your beauty
Is perfect like the
Shining sun your
Truly beautiful
And bright
As the sun.
David P Carroll
Bright As The Sun
 Dec 2020 soliana
Seeing you
makes me
miss you
A cyclical poem, one of my all-time favourites.
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