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Lucas Feb 27
today is my best friend's birthday
and actually i didn't even come here to see her

i was just thinking about when we would ever meet again...

and maybe, i only threw this party for you

apparently, you didn't even like the presents

lovers are on the couch,
while we are still wild and free and we fly like two butterflies in the salty air

but somehow, it seems like they got lost in space and time

also lost their original colors and recovered themselves in dark aspects and they don't even recognize each other anymore

oh God, i swear i've never seen a blue like yours before
and by that i mean you’re colder than never

the approach of our hands - glasses of whiskey break on the floor -

hold me tight and don't let me get through the door,
cause i'm on fire and i need your ice arms again

would you melt if i kissed you?

my body is under an explosion of countless feelings

it is possible to hear sounds of pain and desire
and i kinda wished you to take me to that ***** bed

but although the air is salty, it still rests under our silence

we spent a long time without talking
and now i want to be closer to you
talk about everything
but how could i do it when "everything" means - you?

you gave me some alcohol drinks in your mouth
i don't even like to drink and i'm not used to get drunk

the funny thing is that that liquor had a reverse effect,
because no other poison would **** me as brutally as your love does.
Lucas Jan 20
all those times you said i was in your dreams
smoking through the midnight streets in a cadillac
why did you jump through the windows?

gasoline in my hands
cigarette in my hands
crashing a beautiful car
burning a whole world

at least both of us got hurt

teeth biting skins
you can't against soul tattoos

wind in my hair
getting away those blue dreams that came from a ***** heart
at least both of us got hurt
getting close those fruit trees when we got clean hearts
at least both of us got hurt
Lucas Nov 2018
i found u in the white of my fears
it was the feeling of being floating at the heart of nightly skies,
where u, sparkling star, followed me,
not realizing that we'd be immortalized

as much as i could get away,
a dark hole took us a way to the other galaxy

a world alone,
where the rain fills the craters of your face
i flood myself into fright,
when the creek gave me back and asked me to hold you

the feeling has become an addiction,
a secret language
the awkwardness made building,
a concrete denial

without aim to define
i arrest u
i arrest me
at an endless moment
instagram: @sobexrz

— The End —