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dc Jan 2023
everyday I’m stared into
cried to, confessed to
when the face appears in my vision,
she usually stays a while,
never looking the same from the time she arrives
to the moment she leaves,
face outline and colorful one moment
smudged and plain the next

on occasion she has a lover to show me
taking up a space I could never fill,
telling her sweet little words that ring in her ears
but they come and they go,
never long to stay,
no one like me.
they don’t see it all
the highs, the lows
her smiles and bright eyes
as they dim at night

when her hope seems lost
i wish to cradle her
wrap her in arms that i cannot afford
i wish she saw herself the way i see her
i wish those she brought around gave her more
but she always returns to me, day after day
staring into my eyes and speaking to me
she knows i am voiceless yet she feels me listening

unless she speaks only to herself
the reflection she stares at
she doesn’t see me,
just her eyes in my sight
that’s the thing about mirrors
we’re all an illusion
dc Jul 2022
"I'm no longer an alcoholic," Grandma says,
dropping her fourth can of coke into the trash can.
"I'm not an addict anymore."

It's only noon.
this is not to shame recovering addicts;
just an observation of the way addiction can present itself in many ways.
dc Jul 2022
maybe I finally realized that
not everyone is as confident
all knowing
as they appear
dc Jul 2019
Today a year ago
I was a different person
nothing but dread for the future
fear of the past
fright for the days to come

But times change
and people, too

Some things come
blessings in disguise
masked by the shadow
holding light down inside

With love guiding the way,
a passionate embrace,
I can truly say

We'll make it out alive.
dc Jun 2019
Leave an impact wherever you go,
Because the more you do,
The more you’ll grow
dc Jun 2019
When I write, I feel free
Because there's power in my words
And freedom in my voice

When I write, I feel free
Because my thoughts make a difference
To me and those who view it

When I write, I feel free
Because there's a moment of escape
Each time I touch the keys

So I thank this moment for its power
As my mind releases thoughts
And my heart embraces freedom
dc May 2019
Take me to a world
Where agonies retreat
Where flower petals dance
Around little children's feet

Take me to a world
Where sorrow is forgotten
Where the sun never sets
And clouds glide like cotton

Take me to a world
Where happiness is true
Where everyone is kind
To strangers passing through

Take me to a world
Where stresses are evaded
Where everything is clear
And eyesight's never jaded

Take me to a world
A hidden sweet escape
A place where I can run and hide
A place to save my youth
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