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We saw each other for first time
Feels like this is not our first meet
We're so close like partners in crime
When we are walking in the streets

We are laughing at each other
Teasing about imperfections
Our status between me and her
Same vibes with nice conversation

She talks about her own story
And I would be great listener
Feels like I'm reading  history
And I'm the only one reader

I'm lucky that's all I can say
Coz I met this girl and so glad
This day is one of my best day
And the best date I've ever had
I wrote this poem for the girl that I love hehhehe hope you like it
She's always on my mind
And never let me sleep
She's so one of a kind
that you will ever meet

She's so beautiful
Beautiful like clothes
She's cute pretty, simple,  
and makes you laugh like jokes

She's very talkative
A person you can vibe
She's very positive
Perfect to be my wife

My heart beats so fast
Everytime she's close  
I'm so in love with her
This woman name is Rose
This poem is for the one that I love and her name is rose hehehee
He sees a girl
A very pretty girl in afar
Her eyes are black
Shining like twinkle little star

Her hair falls perfectly
Even it has split ends
Her lips are so puffy
And It's full of color red

In this world full of people
She's the one who's standing out
She is the most beautiful
And this man can't shut his mouth

He met a pretty girl
She's such a pretty picture face
No matter what she do
He loves her in every different ways
Poetry for a pretty girl describing how beautiful and special she is
She's a chatty girl
She always talk to much
A girl with a beautiful heart
Always want to keep in touch

Her mouth is so loud
Like a speaking speaker
Always making sound
Like she's a fast rapper

She always talking
and it's always endless
She's a type of girl
That leaves you speechless

Yes, she's a  talkative girl
But she's always kind
She's so simple and unique
But always hard to find.
For a girl who likes to talk too much
You are my wishing star
That I'm always wishing for
Reaching for you seems so far
Hoping you're here at my door

You turn darkness into dust
You shine brighter than anyone does
Why I fell for you so fast?
I hope that you'll be my last

Even we were apart
I thought of you
You'll always be in my heart
Wondering if you knew

I'll wait for my entire life
Just to see your endless light
Your colors are glowing day and night
You'll always be beautiful in my sight

I dont wish to have some
More money or fame
The truly I want to wish
That you'll still feel the same.

Yes you are my wishing star
You are my kind of fetish
No matter where you are
You'll always be the one I truly want to wish.
You are my kind of fetish
no matter where you are
you'll always be the one
I truly want to wish
There's a quiet girl
Living in a noisy world
You might think she's cold
But she just want to be alone

She's always silent,
and always thinking
Her mind is so loud
it always screaming

She wants to be heard
But don't wanna bother anyone
She's just a simple girl
But she's no ordinary  woman

She's always on her own bubble
To prevent anyone to come through
If she feels like she wants to talk
She'll go outside just to be with you.
She's always on her own bubble
To prevent anyone to come through
If she feels like she wants to talk
She'll go outside just to be with you.
I'm not good in sweet talks
So I say, I adore you
I can't say everything in my thoughts
So I say, I need you
Everyday and all night
In sunrise and moonlight
Every second
Every minute
Every hour
Wherever you are
Wherever I go
Whatever I do
I miss you.
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