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Juju Jul 2021
We built a home
made of lies,
A room
filled with secrets,
The walls
witnessed our highs,
And sighs
That silenced the crickets.

- Juju
Juju Mar 2021
It was on November,
when you stopped writing me poems,
giving me notes
and singing me songs.

It was on November,
when your hugs
felt a bit lighter.
When before,
They used to be so much tighter.

It was on that month
when the fall began.
When the ghosts of the past,
came hunting us back
In the form of someone.

And I watched as you fell,
on the graves
of an old love.
Leaving me in pieces.

I buried you in peace,
Not a single tear I shed.
Because you said,
it would be a shame
to cry for a man so lame.

So I never did,
I never cried.
Now, the ghosts no longer comes back.
And the only ones that never cease
on hunting me,
Were our memories.

- Juju
Juju Mar 2021
It was ironic,
how you visit my grave
and cry your heart out
just because I'm dead.

When years ago,
I used to be dying in front of you.
And all you did,
was **** me once more
till I'm physically dead

- Juju
Juju Mar 2021
Home is a peaceful place,
not a war zone.
It's supposed to make you feel safe,
not make you feel alone.

- Juju
Juju Mar 2021
I watched in horror,
as he slipped a ring on her finger
and kissed her hand right after.

But it was my fault.
I made myself believe,
in a love that never once existed.
In a way that could satisfy me.

But who am I?
I was just a friend,
He spent the most memories with.

- Juju
Juju Feb 2021
is an invitation
for you to travel back.
And regret,
Is your one-way
ticket to the past.
Juju Feb 2021
The more we break up,
the more I build myself.
The more you leave me,
the more I learn to be alone.

The more you come back,
the more I walk away.
The closer you step forward,
the more I step backward.

The more we come back to each other,
the farther I get,
the more distant I get,
the less interest I give,
the colder the heart becomes,
the more the love fades away.

- Juju
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