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You know...

it's not that I don't care

I want to hug you close, I do...

So close, for the warmth of your skin  to

melt my soul

I want to lose my self in your eyes

everytime our eyes meet

... to know you beyond the surface like a

dark secret

I want to know when your soul is hurting

so that I cover its bruises with kisses.

But I hold back,

because vulnerability is a dream...

and I don't want to fall asleep

unless you're by my side.

Whispers of my pride

remind me that you're not mine

...that you're a ghost
out of reach
...But the longer the taste of your lips fades

from my mouth

the more found I become to that of blood

from my bleeding heart.
Her eyes are toxic to a pure heart
her selfish claws devour your humanity to specks that tide with the winds.

I guess that is why I'm adorned, a knight...
my shield and sword, pride
and my armour, valerian steel.
A blessing or curse, I can't say
for as one half shelters me from the scotching world
I can't help but feel as though the second is nurturing the fire in my heart to quite...
warmth for one soul, I can feel my humanity slipping away.
It's not something I blow candles for,
but it's the new world order.
I don't mind if I get lost,
as long as it's in your eyes
I don't mind losing time,
with you in my arms...
I've seen you once
but my heart can't let go of the feeling that we're meant to be....
Mortal  to my  thoughts,
broken by the eyes of the world,
the warmth in my heart hides from her cold breath.

treading softly, so that I don't awaken her judgemental tongue
I've lost step to what makes me happy,
Just to keep her quiet.
The world will always judge you, let your eyes focus on you and not her.
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