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Ayeshah Oct 2019
You still come to me in my dreams ; Untitled ...

there's no name;  there isn't a face that I can grasp on...

you have these light colored eyes;
dark brown -blonde hair;  


I'm entitled to think of all the happy memories; to cherish every moment.
Why don't you have a name;
you don't have a face;

you're a multitude of different shades in these dreams ;  
having the one thing that stands out- is what you were to me;  a vague memory;  a soft kiss on my forehead;
a soft-touch caressing my back.

My secret - my dream come true;
I have no regrets!

I never even met you.
I'll dream again.

I do think of you foundly ;
A famous poet once said
"what's in a name"
I don't know;
so you'll continue to be
© 2015-2077 by Ayeshah K.C.L.N.
All rights reserved.®
No part of this may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,without prior written permission of Ayeshah K.C.L.N
Michael H Jun 2019
Forever blue
With happiness too
A rushing firmament
Upon our natures

Severing the real-ness
Of our every drink or soda;
Our mistrust and laziness
Sorting the true yearnings

For we can do better
By an electric storm
Of our brain
Overseeing all
Stephanie Oct 2018
My heart is a thousand hands
At thin air

My heart is a thousand hands
Bringing so much life to its core
That it collapses with

My heart is a thousands hands

My body is a constant contraction
Cutting off all energy
Waiting to meet its ultimate desire
To spur its deepest breath
And an inward flow of life
I n f i n i t e l y
I yearned  f o r  senses
W h e n  lit wisdom came
O’    s e n s e l e s s    I
B  e  c  a  m  e

✒ ℐamil Hussain
Inked Quill Aug 2018
Dear Darling
What turns me on
Isn’t the thought of you
On that date
That you held me
At my waist
Pulling me to you
What turns me on
Is what your tongue
Can do to the moist heat
Between my legs
And I look forward
To a sensuous serendipity
When it’s least expected of you
NewIvory Apr 2018
let me dwell in dreams and search my soul in the stealth of the night
let me lay my mind to rest and release my worries and fright
in silence I can ease my fears and gratify my pride
and wallow within a gentle charm until the dawn abides

let me soar above the peaked mountain abreast with eagles
and admire the pristine splendor visible before my eyes
while sunlight bathe my skin with soothing warmth of life
let my broad wings fortify God’s work from unending strife

let me endure blissfulness in a vivid, willowy stream
in a world of confusion where happiness ceases to gleam
and in my quest for peace I wish for that enduring power
so that I may reach the horizon where future is brighter

let my visions capture images that are blind to humans
or hear even the faintest clamor of newly born infants
let me feel a heart beating from a body bereft of breath
so I can deliver playful dreams instead of ugly death

let my existence be complete and infinite in all days
with all understanding that is worthy of honest praise
let the warmth of life be felt in every whispered breath
until my journey ends in a dark unreachable depth.
copyright© bonette2002
George Krokos Jan 2017
God doesn't really listen to demands or claims made in the language of the mind and stays apart
but comes very close and listens to yearnings of love that are made in the language of the heart.
Only pure love can cross the barrier and penetrate that worldly illusion of separation
which stands between an individual and God Who is the Reality behind this creation.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
20 October 2011*

Some things are so distant, hard to get
Just like people who easily forget
All through these years, little have remained
Of beautiful memories bleached 'n' stained

Standin' b'fore the ruins of the past
Destroyed by personal desires and greedy lust
Come fallin' off the ground like a raw fruit
Too young to nourish, cannot face the truth

I can hardly recall our comings 'n' goings together
Our beginnings 'n' endings scattered somewhere
Too much pretenses, void of true feelings
We're sour grapes contemplatin' for lost things

Stayin' or leavin' doesnt matter
It's a choice I've not decided soon after
This head hurts thinkin' too much
Some things are b'yond recall as old love is such
Some love are left unresolved. Some love don't love at all. Until such time that we don't know what is love and how it is to be loved. We do not lose the feeling, we just forget it with time. Time heals all wounds, but does not erase all scars. L
Emisen Jun 2015
she waited with
arms outstretched,
waited for you
a thousand years,
an eternity

and when you returned,
she was still,
as you had left her

but her arms were
hardened twisted branches,
hanging roots, her fingers,
her heart, a squirrel's nest.
VENUS62 Feb 2015
I wonder
how many moons shall pass
before you breathe in
the fragrance of Jasmine,
as you unbraid my tresses
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