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Sep 2015
20 October 2011*

Some things are so distant, hard to get
Just like people who easily forget
All through these years, little have remained
Of beautiful memories bleached 'n' stained

Standin' b'fore the ruins of the past
Destroyed by personal desires and greedy lust
Come fallin' off the ground like a raw fruit
Too young to nourish, cannot face the truth

I can hardly recall our comings 'n' goings together
Our beginnings 'n' endings scattered somewhere
Too much pretenses, void of true feelings
We're sour grapes contemplatin' for lost things

Stayin' or leavin' doesnt matter
It's a choice I've not decided soon after
This head hurts thinkin' too much
Some things are b'yond recall as old love is such
Some love are left unresolved. Some love don't love at all. Until such time that we don't know what is love and how it is to be loved. We do not lose the feeling, we just forget it with time. Time heals all wounds, but does not erase all scars. L
Éli Antoine Piémont
Written by
Éli Antoine Piémont  Manila, The Philippines
(Manila, The Philippines)   
     Lior Gavra and Mouthpiece
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