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Zeus Jan 2017
All these broken words on the floor
all these broken promises on the floor
all this black blood on the floor
all the same mistakes I've made before,
i think i might just make once more
for you i would make them twice more..

all this pain i cant feel, the drugs must be working
i might just leave if you cant leave with it,
all this love but i still don't feel it.

all the burn marks no can see
all the bruises that no one can see
all the fake smiles that no one can see
all hidden behind the angel wings no one can see,
all topped with the horns no one can see

i've got some new friends lose
some new hearts to break
some new minds to ruin
some new lips to taste
some new hate to create

as i write i show the darkness and the rage
i show the voices that scream beautiful music
the nightmares that are fantasies to me
the nightmares that are fantasies to me..............
Zeus Jan 2017
Would you like to know the difference between real love and imaginary love..
When some thing happens between you and the person you say you love, from a small fight to a big fight maybe even a few days or weeks without talking
Something like that could happens and you two start talking again, spending time with each-other again if the feeling gets stronger then its love, if the feeling is not there anymore then it is not love.
True Love never fades, it either becomes stronger or turns to hate but it never fades,
Imaginary love (infatuation) fades out after some time or after an event that hurts one or both of you....

i saw you say it was love,
to you saying it was a crush
i know one day you wont even remember but i will,
because i love you enough to give up every desire and intention i had for you,
i love you enough to see you make stupid mistakes and set you straight,
i love you enough for the both of us,
you loved the idea of me,
you loved the idea of we
you never loved me
and you think its hard to face
put yourself to in my place
always keeping a happy acting like I'm fine
telling that one simple, to give your heart peace of mind,
always remember i gave your heart a piece of mine..
Zeus Jan 2017
LISTEN TO ME!, In the moment i am NOT a poet!!, but when i grab my anger and hold it!, i am NOTHING more than a crazy bull, being used by the violence i am just a tool!!, i **** out verbal slang and terminal ****** slur, i am a vulture sir, i am a mess, i stir up the rest, i am filled with rage,and the rage calms the VOICES in my head the SCREAM SHOUT YELL!!, but this noise is peaceful......

LISTEN TO ME as i say to you, if you love me then HATE ME and NOT my work!!.. my work with words is all i have so on my knees i plead to you have mercy on the one TRUE love i have!, the one true thing that keeps me stable when your OVER REACTION hurts even me!!..

LISTEN TO ME and we go back to the facts i have to face, i face no faces for the shadows that haunt my room!! speak in tongues and seek REVENGE on the unknown that left them with me, the starch and scream trying to ESCAPE FROM ME , i guess the shadows hate my jokes...

Zeus Jan 2017
if i show you the real me promise not to run away
if i show you my true colors promise not to laugh,
not to cry,
not to fix me,
if i show you my true intentions promise not to think we are meant to be,
if i show you my past promise not to change how you treat me
if i show you how to write promise not to leave me
if i show you my crown promise not steal it,
if i show you my thunder promise not to be afraid of the lightening,

if i show you my heart promise not to break it
if i show you my dreams promise not to get scared
if i show you my mind promise not to say its too dark..

I'll accept whats happened to you,
so pick up your past and bring them to me
don't leave your imperfections or insecurities at the door,walk into my life with them,
bring your problems to me and I'll hug you to make you feel better,

i walk in darkness with my eyes closed just so i can see clearly,
i walk with the darkness because in the silent noise of the cold heat i feel fearfully safe..
Zeus Jan 2017
i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me.

i have met good hearts, good hearts i tell you, they get close, they get really close and i get to know them, i get to touch their souls, they show me parts no one has ever seen before and i heal scars they've been hiding for lifetimes, i show them the light with the darkness i carry.

i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me.

i meet the most beautiful young ladies ever, they have beautiful faces, beautiful bodies and beautiful minds, i wont lie, sometimes i'm like a child in a candy store trying so hard not to taste anything, the temptation is too great so i stay away.

i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me.

they pour their hearts out to me, they tell me they like me, they love me, they tell me they would be lucky to have me, they tell me the sweetest words ever but i can not give them what they ask for, i can never seem to give them what they ask for.

i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me.

i try to make them feel better, i try to stay close but i hate when they like me, i hate when they like me because when they like me they tell me how they feel and i can not give them what they want, i can never seem to give them what they seek so they leave.

i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me
i hate when they like me.

i hate when they like me because when they like me they end up hating me.
this is not a poem, this is what happens when a writer pours his heart out, this was written for every girl i called a friend but left because we couldn't be more than friends.
Zeus Dec 2016
She was in a long white beautiful dress it was the best day of her life, she was in smiles and everyone could feel her joy. tears would fall from her eyes as she got ready for her big day. she couldn't keep her composure, she was simply over whelmed by what was about to happen, her perfect princess wedding was about to happen,
her groom walked in, wearing an all black suit reflecting his soul as he claimed every time someone asked why he chose it, as he walked in, he saw how beautiful she looked,
she looked at him and shied away as she said "my dark kiing, its bad luck to see your bride before the wedding"
he walked to her and he said "you look so beautiful, I couldn't wait to see you"
she smiled and said "you have made me the happiest woman alive, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you"
the bridesmaids left the room leaving the bride and and the groom to have their last moment as singles,
he got closer to her and pushed her hair back. he whispered to her "I love you" and she couldn't contain her joy, she pulled him close put her arms above his shoulders and kissed him like it was her first and last kiss with him. she felt a warmth from within her, a warmth that quickly turned to a cold and stinging pain from her side
she looked below and her bright white dress began to turn a deep thick red, she saw silver blade with a gold handle, her warm blood poured out, she looked back up with shock and tears  in her eyes, tears which began to fall as her body began to fall as well. her groom caught her as she fell, he gave her one last kiss, the last kiss that would be the last thing that she felt as her world began to fade away.

he laid her down, he put her body over her dress, she was like a flower, a red rose that just shade its color
as her blood still poured out, her body started to become cold, his suit was covered in blood, he looked at his hands and they were covered in her blood, he thought to himself, "my last angel back in heaven where she belongs",

one of the bridesmaids walked in to a horrific sight of the dead bride and she screamed...

to be continued..

this is the first of many short stories found in my collection, Dark King Chronicles.
Zeus Dec 2016
how come everyone is so happy and at peace. everyone has a smile on their face, they have true joy.
how come I don't have that, I want to be happy too I want to have the fun that they have.
its quite strange
I'm told to wait my time but time waits for no man so why should I wait for it,

I just feel so annoyed filled with rage and anger,
that's not even the worst part
the darkness feeds off this
it feeds off this.
all I do is argue with ones I care about, all I have is doubt in the ones I care about,
I don't understand! why is everyone happy and I'm not!
I tried religion
I tried drugs
they didn't work
I'm just so angry! I want nothing to do with anyone
why am I this angry, I'm not mad. I'm not upset I'm just so angry and filled with rage,
I've become so angry I forgot ton I was in pain
I forgot I was in pain.
why am I this angry
why can't I calm down
I can't sleep anymore because Even in my dreams I'm just so angry
I just want to know why I'm angry and everyone else is happy.
they smile in pictures, they laugh out loud they enjoy their life, and here I sit angry as ever , why am I angry,
I help but can't be helped
I'm a therapist to the therapist,
I'm a crying shoulder to cry on
I keep you safe but who keeps me safe,
every time I hit a wall it hits back and I keep hitting and hitting and hitting
everyone goes out yo party
they go out to drink they have each other and one another,
I have my wings and broken halo
I want to go out and live life like they
but I ******* can't and its so ******* unfair,
so why is everyone so happy!!!! why are you all happy!! don't tell me you have you bad days! I have my dad life moments of happiness are under a minute moments of anger go in for days weeks and months, you only feel how I feel once a week for 20 minutes. ...
that's nothing compared to what I have to deal with
why is everyone so happy
why am I so angry
Zeus Dec 2016
Zeus why limit yourself you know it drives you crazy.

i just wanted to do something that would impress you.

you have my heart you don't need to impress me.
i know the word limitation kills you so you shouldn't

limitation to me is nothing as long as you smile.

you always make me smile even when you say nothing.

you're just being sweet you're always so good to me.
i don't deserve you, that's why i try so hard.

you already have my heart mind body soul and commitment

to keep all that i will always do my best.
if my best isn't good enough then i'll do better.

my dark king you shouldn't stress, you're the sweetest ever.
you mean so much to me more than words describe
if i could paint my emotions for you i would.

you're more sweeter than me, more than you know.
i'll always try to impress you and make you smile.
i hate 10 word writings they're never enough so i decided to write more than 10 words using 10 words i don't know if this has been done before but i like it!!
Zeus Dec 2016
i wish i was like you
i wish i had the attention
i wish i had the ******* looks

you wont understand
you have it all
you could snap your fingers and have it all

why was had it to be you
God why not me
i've been through all the pain
i've taken all the bruises and cuts

i know you'll say
"be grateful"
"someone has it worse"
but you dont know what i've seen

i wish i was as gifted like you
i wish i turned heads like you
i wish everyone wanted me like they want you

you'll sit there reading this with that look on your face

but think of this, every time you leave you leave me alone and when you come back i'm worser than you left me and you blame me.
i just want to be like you so you can understand the pain you give me
Zeus Dec 2016
she wanted that luxurious life
I just want the simple things
she wanted to fly around the world
I just want to stay home and smoke
she wanted the lasted cloths
I just want more sprite before the shops close
she wanted to ride on the latest cars
I just want to write late playing music in my car

see we're from two different worlds
but we're the same
we're heading in the same road
but we're heading in opposite directions

she had the world at her feet
I had the sky on my side.

she lived that high-life
i was just high through life
she wanted a ring so i never gave a crown
she wanted  lingerie so i never gave her a gown

we're not the same, but we're one
our fights were just the beginning
it always ended in the love we made
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