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Danny U Busch Apr 2022
Seven inches of good intentions
Half a cup of decent fears
A grain of luck, a pinch of faith
A teaspoon full of laughter’s tears

One sip of ruban tempered whisky
Half a pint of well placed bets
A piece of blue sky from the east
A small box labeled "No Regrets"

Does this hand you rhyme or reason
Does it really ease the pain
I don't know… oh I can't tell
If it will be boon or bane  

The forests’ seasonal changing colors
One single fateful step outside
A glassmade handle on the tailgate
Keep off from the road behind

Seven inches of clean conditions
Half a glass of deep red wine
A thimble guts, a pinch of glory
A small box labeled "Days of Shine"

Does this ease the pain
does it hand you a break
I can’t tell you - I don't know
If there’s a perfect mix and shake

Oh I don't know, I can't define
But the notion sounds quite tempting…
to a worried heart like mine

— The End —