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Haueru Oct 2020
I don't regret nothing it's nothing wrong with trials or disappointments or hell failure
How will you grow, how will you learn to succeed
How will you come to be better than the last time mistakes are a given
Key focus and effort
is all you need to know
If you truly are valued..but..
If you can't forgive how can you truly live
I am thankful
I Can
Ken Pepiton Dec 2019
shut up
shut up
wolf, and there was the six wolves
in the barn eating the buck
and they hear the boy cry

And old Two Dog Dan,
he saw,
those wolves seeing that sweet
little boy
he kilt three
wolves for that boy not
knowing when to shut up,

and gave good reason men ought
know better then than to free
wolves raised in cages.
Old cowboy stories from first tellers are growin' rare. I got a passle past the prohibido el paso sign out Campo way. Fables form from such stories.
You are reserved
for my
My first start
My first way
My first chance
My first dance
My first kiss
My first half
My first wish
My first love
My first laugh
My first hug
My first heart
My first day
My first night
My first right
My first…

© Feelings Coated
Isn't such reservation better!! Do it exist?
Mr Siri’s reservation for Ms Alexa
Äŧül Aug 2019
The caste-based discrimination,
Warranted by caste-based reservation,
In the Indian nation;

It brings people on the roads so often,
Their feelings refuse to soften,
With blood of men, roads soon glisten;

Few wanting newer reservation,
Some wanting more reservation,
None thinking about deservation;

They all cry reservation aloud,
Getting alms, they feel proud,
Disaster is hidden in a shroud;

Politicians cash in on the issue,
If you're needy, they won't miss you,
Arrange your own teary tissue;

The caste politics they're playing,
Truly careless they're behaving,
Threats they're manufacturing;

Caste-based reservation is like a fire,
These crutches will take none higher,
Remember, remember this lone flyer.
The world needs to worry about the Indian caste-based reservation system, which instead of banishing the misinterpreted Varṇ Vyavastha, further making the caste lines more pronounced.

Read my novel that critiques the Indian system.

My novel is a love story of how a young man protects his fiance and fights with death once again on the flight to Hamburg as (currently only fictional) terrorists attempt to hijack it.

In the novel, "7 Seconds: A Typical Guy, Atypical Life" by Atul Kaushal, 7 July 2017 is the date that Akshant Kautilya takes the flight from New Delhi to Hamburg and is engaged in a struggle against the hijackers who demand repealing of the Indian caste-based reservation system.

If you prefer reading the hard-copy version then you can now read my novel in its hard-copy version apart from its eBook version.

My HP Poem #1760
©Atul Kaushal
Genevieveish Jul 2018
In the grass,
At my knees
Between my legs
In spite of protest
At his desk,
Beside my waist,
In their closet
Against the wall,
By the pool,
In his __
At the game,
Beside his in-laws
Beneath the table
Next to his wife,
Near his son,
On his knees,
On my car,
With absolute disregard,
With complete abandon,
With brazen enthusiasm,
With unabashed passion,
Without limitation,
Without reservation,
Without a yes
He begged me.
Akash Gupta Feb 2018
Karta hu mein anurodh sakrkar see
Mat baato pratibhaoo ko aarakshan ki talwar see
Mat baato insan ko
Samanyata k naam pe
Jo sresth hai use ko Milne chaiye pad
Jo worest hai use kaise bante ** best
Na woh bade hai
Na hum chote hai
Joh sreasth hai, Wahe best hai
Toh Kyu hai yeah reservation ki Dewar
Todh do aur KR do sabko saman
#reservation #hellopoetry
George Krokos Oct 2017
I have no reservations at all in loving You
and saying this is my proof of it being true.
You're the only one who sees into my heart
no matter where I am though it seems apart.
I can't hide any of my feelings towards You
that rise up from within whatever I may do.
They're so strong at times I'm beside myself
and find that I am acting as such like an elf.
If they really do not draw You closer to me
then I'm bereft of Your love and needn't be.
Please don't hold back in giving any advice
as to how I will be able Your love to entice.
Pure love isn't a game that anyone can play
but is reserved for those who go all the way.
Written early in 2017
Sumit Ganguly Mar 2017
Power reserves forest land,
wild aboriginals lose teeth and claws
people enjoy them on magic carpet.

Dams Reserve water,
like lachrymal gland of eye
woes overflow as tears.

Reserved category once lived
in gigantic palaces,
now museums preserve grand air.

a social discrimination,
starts silent revolution.
SassyJ Apr 2016
A cider and a minder
Passing time as a reminder
Pink glow and songs flow
A waxy time erodes the mow

Renegades and perspiration responds
Swimming in winded seas of  Jordan
Heated in space, evicted in their pace
Libido fails as the liquor dilutes in taste

Catch an esse as the moonlight smite
Hold another to fake a romantic right
Filter to the cards of ace as the one winks
Emotive intruders farm in fields of pastures

Imbued with alcoholic waterfalls
Molehills of termites condense lose soil
A lack of connection a taunt that apes
Future anthems triumph in hungered strums

Amused by the music erupting volcanoes
A morrow blows as the candle slows
To tow the tall grassed disused straw
A spring to summer that promises sun rays

A resolve to moderation to preserve modesty
A kiss stored forever peeping the awing stars
To guard a heart and hatch uniformity
Trembles justly forgotten in termed premises
Friday night people watching in a Jazz / Blues club.

— The End —