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You see Babe
My love is too valuable to keep at the bottom of your drawer
Too immense to keep in store.
You cannot throw it on the highest of shelves
And decide to keep it for yourself.
It is not yours to take.
You think you can come back for it when you’re bored
And keep it along with all the other loves that you hoard.
This one isn’t like your rest,
This one will not be another forgotten conquest.
Corazón indomable 💕
All my poems were letters to you that I wish I could say,
Hoping that by chance you would stumble upon my page and read them all someday.
And then you would remember the girl who showed you how to love,
Remember the girl that went way above and beyond.

But that never happened and now you’re all gone,
The only memory you took with you is that I am strong.
Secret Whispers Sep 2020
You had no right to talk to me the way you did. No right to take ownership over me.

No right to tell me how to dress or even how to smile,
no right babe you were so sinister and vile. You crossed the line when you told me who I could talk to or what I could say after we were done. You master manipulator and I your puppeteer.
Said you’d always be here but you were the first to run.

You pulled me by the strings of my own heart and you didn’t even care about the hurting that would cause.
Secret Whispers Apr 2019
I am a prisoner within my own mind

Consciousness is what I try to find.

I feel confined within my own dreams

I see you, but I don’t know what this means!

We said all that we had to in June

I remember being comforted that night by the moon.

Though now and then

I fall apart time and time again

I don’t know if this will ever end

Because I still wish I hadn’t lost a friend.
Secret Whispers Apr 2019
At night I can’t help but to twist & turn in my bed.
Nights I feel so distant and cold
Nights the wind chimes all the fairytales you’ve ever told.
I don’t know if it’s due
To the negligence I took to forget you,
But now I wish I knew how to.
You still appear in my dreams from out of the blue
We make happy memories here that feel so new.

But I know better than that this time
I know that nothing I did differently would ever make you fully mine.
I have someone in my life now and it makes me feel so guilty
I plan to get as far away as I can from this city.
Where memories fade and they can’t reside
I long to not feel this way inside.
Secret Whispers Apr 2019
I took the time to focus
I worked overtime to heal
And I’m hoping that you’ll notice
That what I have to say to you is real.

Not everything is rainbows and clear skies
To say that it’ll be easy, is to say a lie.
There will be bumpy roads
But I’d rather take them head on than to have to say goodbye.

There’s just no other way to say
if I once thought that being alone was okay
I was in absence of your presence
Your love is the sweetest essence.
I’m in love with you..
Secret Whispers Apr 2019
You keep me on my feet
You’re like me, I think that’s pretty neat.
You make my head spin round
In a way that makes me want to keep you around.
The way you speak, your voice is an unfamiliar sound.
I’ve got a lot on my mind
With so many answers I’m still trying to find.
I panic at the thought that I’m running out of time
You hold my hand and tell me that you are already mine.
You brought me light when I was lost in the dark
I take one look at you and know you’ve already left a mark.
I remind myself:
Not everyone is out to get you.
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