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Sushant Bhujel Apr 2017
A new born to some years old
Cute, happy and smiling soul
Words weren't a need at all
No complaints or demands I recall

I don't know what and how I thought
I don't know if I cared or not
But as I learned understanding what people said
I started confusing myself in my head

Listening and talking the talks, I learnt
Thinking weird things, do's and don'ts
Restless my mind
Never ending my thoughts
Shame on this mind
For not understanding
The understanding disease I'd caught

All began unraveling with what people said
And the talks in this mind that stayed
Sowed the very first of them in the mind
To reap every word and it's kinds

It did reap
I enjoyed listening a lot
I enjoyed blabbering words
I enjoyed thinking the thoughts

But what it reaped
Ripped my peace of mind
When I try to keep it quiet
I feel
The peace....
Peacefully died!

— The End —