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Where have all the clowns gone
And the jugglers too.
I only walked down to the river
To sail a little paper boat
And when I returned
The picnic had been changed.

There were different people there
And no one knew my name
Or who told all the clowns to leave.
I found my brother and a friend
But they were both too sad to talk
Or tell me why the flowers died
And who ate all the chicken.

Too early for the fireworks show
There would be no sack races.
We waited for a three leg’d race
And learned the term was incorrect
And marked us as not truly woke.

The carousel began to move
And we lined up to take a ride
But it began to spin so fast
That no one could get on it.
The horses were all painted black
And lacking any sparkles.

Without the clowns and jugglers
The picnic was a total bust
And I felt it was time to go
But when I headed for the gate
It wasn’t where it used to be
And no one knew its whereabouts
So I’ve been wandering ever since
With no way to go home.
Things are seldom what you want them to be.  And often there is no escape.
Dark caverns loom in the distance
Shrouded in mist and underbrush
Birds with black feathers circle above them
Only dimly visible from here

Footprints on a fading path
Seem to wander with uncertainty
From one side to the other
And are very hard to follow.

The wind which should be cooling and refreshing
Blows sporadically with unexpected heat
And black clouds overhead portend of rain
Though no drops ever seem to fall.

Somehow there is music in the air;
Reedy notes that never form a melody
But echo nonstop in an indecisive mind
That finds itself without a goal or purpose.
Don't feel like I'm needed for anything today.
I’M THE MOTHER OF A ***** -TONK GIRL.  ANNA MARIE is out DRINKING TEQUILA and doin’ THE HILLBILLY WALTZ every night.  She’s turning into a total ***** and I’m HURTIN’ INSIDE.  I constantly tell her I LOVE YOU but it’s just as if MY LIPS ARE SEALED - She doesn’t hear me.  If HEARTACHE IS THE FASHION, I’m right in style.  It doesn’t do me a bit of good to ask WHAT WERE YOU DOING LAST NIGHT?  She won’t tell me because she was with MEXICAN JOE and I’d tell her HE’LL  HAVE TO GO. I’d like to ground her between her own FOUR WALLS and keep her HOME, but I’d just be BEATIN’ ON THE DING ****. I don’t understand why she can’t date that nice BILLY BAYOU.
She laughed when I asked her AM I  LOSING YOU, and said, Mom, you’re WAITIN’ FOR A TRAIN that’s never gonna come. So I’m left with just one question:  WHERE DOES A BROKEN HEART GO. I guess it’ll be a case of MOTHER WENT A-WALKING and maybe THEN I’LL STOP LOVING YOU and just climb aboard a slow boat to TAHITI because thats where I’D LIKE TO BE  until I can begin to feeL as though I’M BEGINNING TO FORGET YOU.
Everything in CAPITOL LETTERS is the title of a JIM REEVES song.This is an entry in BLT's new challenge to make a story using song titles from your favorite band or singer. Reeves was a gold mine.
You took a selfie yesterday
And this is what you saw
A woman with the saddest eyes
Trying hard to make a smile.

Your face was etched with weary lines
Though your complexion was still fine
You looked as if you’d seen the world
In all its ugly guises.

Pain and utter hopelessness
Had left tracks on your spirit -
And dimmed the sparkle in your gaze
To just a faint remembrance.

You looked like you had fought a war
And were forced to sign a treaty
That left you with no place to go
And no more foes to conquer.

Your eyes, the mirror of your soul,
Projected only sorrow -
Yet somehow they produced a glow
That said you have hope for tomorrow.
There is always hope.
Maggots are crawling in the
Dying body of America.
Fed by lies and subterfuge
Left untreated by those
Who’s only interest is their paycheck.
And those who sold their souls for electors.
Wrote this last Feb. Got lost in the shuffle.
Looking for a carpenter
Who takes tools lying close at hand
To build a love that’s lasting
And shelters us forever.

Longing for an equal love
In tune with my vibrations,
Looking through a matching lens
To see where we are going.

Aching for a kindred soul
Who shares all of my yearnings
Who doesn’t fear my shadowed nights
And lights a candle for me

A one who’s goals outpace my own,
Riding on an intellect
That causes mine to shiver
With excitement and new vistas.

If you are kind and love the earth
And all the creatures on it;
Are not afraid to cry or laugh,
And want to leave things better
Than you found them in your life,
Consider you are now employed,
And Payday is tomorrow.
Don't  know where this came from.
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