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Alex Apr 2018
i think
i've preached a great deal about setting yourself free
and going for your dreams

but, ****

i may actually be
left behind by everyone else
i've definitely used up all of my
NeroameeAlucard Feb 2017
I can't kick this slump
For as much positivity and thoughtfulness mixed with a little bit of sexiness
I can't seem to get away from my own rattled restlessness and seemingly seasonal breaks of unexplained sadness,
It's driving me to madness as i get agitated at my own slightest imperfection and even guitar playing is starting to lose its infectous nature,
but i sit in between 19-2000 nurtured not to hate you see,
But what happens when you can't stand what looks back at you in the mirror on some days?
Do i just remain in this daze or slowly but surely probe myself out of this maze?
Feliz G Jan 2017
Burned all the memories,
Left all the ashes.
Foolish of me
To keep looking back again.

Tired of all your answers,
Covered in lies.
Can't you just tell me the truth?
The truth which I've been longing since I've...

Shattered the past,
Left all the pieces.
The mirror reflecting on all I've done
In my life.
Wowza, where did this come from? Welp, I tried singing along, trying to remember the lyrics to BURN from Hamilton. Aaand ended up mixing other songs and this is what happened.
Feliz G Dec 2016
No thanks.
I'll just stay here,
regretting all that I've done.
****** up once more, with our Advisor and PE teacher. Lovely students we are, aren't we? Although, that isn't the only event to regret, hey, C.B and I will even celebrate on Wednesday, a wonderful 14th.
Brielle Byrne Aug 2014
I wrapped my lips around the words
felt by my skeleton as it
washed up against the shore of this silver tongue;
laying still on the bank of a river,
cracking open,
water swallowing it in shame.

It wasn’t supposed to go this far.

I watched your fingers list its way
around the empty neck of a brown bottle,
the fragility reminding us both
amount the damage of throwing stones
at houses made of glass.

I avoided your eyes
as I lifted my own bottle to my lips,
quenching the thirst of the calling demons
that scratched and clawed
the lining of my being.
Couldn’t let you witness
the poison as it forces it’s way out.

No matter how badly I needed to feel anchored,
I was better off, left to drown,
than to pull you under
the waves birthed by my lack of transparency.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

I couldn’t look at you straight;
my eyes covered by the blurred goggles
of the alcohol consumed
seeing you only
through the gleaming vessels
wrenched in your palm.

This shouldn’t be happening.

I ordered another round,
unable to stand the spectrum cast
or the colours of truth
behind the conversations

The amber tint of the bottle
reflecting nothing, standing
as volatile and opaque as
the soul clinging to it.

I finished my beer,
let the backwash cast back,
from every thoughtless, selfish draft,
and forced it back.

“I have to go, I’m sorry.”

I left my money on the bar,
hoping it was enough to pay
our demons for the night.

— The End —